Introducing Ayebia Clarke Publishing!

Casemate IPM is proud to distribute for Ayebia Clarke Publishing!

 Ayebia’s mission is to publish books that will open new spaces and bring fresh insights into African and Caribbean life, culture, and literature in a way that will enlighten, stimulate, and entertain. Their goal is to give voice to new and diverse creative talent.

Below you’ll find ten of their newly available titles!

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Nervous Conditions
9780954702335A modern classic in the African literary canon and voted in the Top Ten Africa’s 100 Best Books of the 20th Century, this novel brings to the politics of decolonization theory the energy of women’s rights.

An extraordinarily well-crafted work, this book is a work of vision. Through its deft negotiation of race, class, gender and cultural change, it dramatizes the ‘nervousness’ of the ‘postcolonial’ conditions that bedevil us still.

In Tambu and the women of her family, we African women see ourselves, whether at home or displaced, doing daily battle with our changing world with a mixture of tenacity, bewilderment and grace.
Buy it here $13.95

The Cry of Winnie Mandela
9780954702304A group of African women at a specific period in Southern Africa’s history find their family life under pressure from capitalist modernity and apartheid.

This is a deeply humane, sympathetic and generous book on the one hand but is unflinching in its honesty. Ndebele represents a rare breed of writer able to combine political awareness with a sensitivity towards context, language and characterization.

The result is a gift offering to the present. This is one of the best books about women’s sacrifices and contributions to the struggle against apartheid.

Buy it here $13.95

African Love Stories
9780954702366This radical collection of short stories is a double award-winning book aimed at debunking the myth about African women as impoverished victims. The stories deal with challenging themes representing some of the most complex love stories ever published from Africa, ranging from labour pains to burials, teenagers to octogenarians, race-fraught and same-sex relationships, the human heart is out there, bold bleeding and occasionally triumphant. Crafted by a stellar cast of authors including El Saadawi, Adichie, Atta, Baingana, Oyeyemi, Manyika, Aboulela, wa Goro, Badoe, Magona, Tadjo, Krog, Ogundipe, de Nyeko et al. A much welcomed addition to African literature. With contributions from 21 African women writers.
Buy it here $17.95

The Book of Not
9780954702373A sequel to Nervous Conditions, this is a powerful and engaging story about one young woman’s quest to redefine the personal and political forces that threaten to engulf her.

As its title suggests, this is also a book about denial and unfulfilled expectations and about the theft of the self that remains one of colonialism’s most pernicious legacies.

The novel disrupts any comfortable sense of closure to the dilemmas of colonial modernity explored in Nervous Conditions and as such is a fitting sequel.

Buy it here $15.95

Mr. Happy and the Hammer of God & Other Stories
9780956930712Mr. Happy And The Hammer of God is a significant addition to the genre of the short story in contemporary Ghanaian and African literature.

Egblewobge is an emerging talent and if his title seems surreal, his stories are no less so and are unburdened by the African condition representing universal themes. Collectively, this book is a portrayal of inner struggles, torments and the psyche. The author explores different aspects of reality – who and what we are and where we go from here.

The stories are sly and ingenious and readers will discover a fresh new voice in this powerful collection. Mr. Happy… raises the bar for emerging talent from Ghana.
Buy it here $13.95

Bu Me Be
9780955507922This is the first Akan/English dictionary that engages an African language in dialogue with other world languages.

According to Ngugi wa Thiong’o, African languages cannot grow as literary languages unless we develop tools that will enable their effective use in dialogue not only with other European languages but also those of Africa and Asia. This dictionary is an important step in that direction.

Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Introduction demonstrates how these proverbs can be interpreted within the tested and contested theories of meaning and literary production to show how they compare with philosophical musings from ancient Greece to England. To understand these proverbs, one needs to understand the culture from which they come. The matrilineal culture traces the familial lineage from the mother’s side hence the Akan saying that; ‘a child may resemble the father, but he has a family’ – the family being a reference to one’s mother and others within the mother’s bloodline.
Buy it here $29.95

A Month and a Day & Letters
9780954702359This new edition gives an insight into Ken Saro-Wiwa’s ideology, his own record of arrest in July 1993 and imprisonment, the story of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), the struggle against the multinational Shell, the Nigerian military dictatorship, his criticisms and questioning of a corrupt regime which eventually led to his execution with eight others on 10 November 1995 and includes ‘A Letter to my Father’ by Ken Wiwa Jnr.

If you want to know why Saro-Wiwa was hanged, read this book!

Buy it here $15.95

And Crocodiles are Hungry at Night
9780956240170This book is a powerful contribution to the genre of the prison memoir in Africa. Jack Mapanje represents the moving account of a poet’s imprisonment by the state, the struggle to probe the hidden motives behind his arrest and his attempt to provide an unforgettable record of the architecture of imprisonment, the archeology of oppression and the perpetual struggle between the forces of trust and those of naked power. Mapanje’s release after three years, seven months and sixteen days was largely due to British and international protest campaigns by human rights organizations and ordinary citizens. This book is a must read for anyone who believes in international justice and freedom of expression. A moving contribution to the growing world literature of incarceration. As such, it has universal appeal.
Buy it here $20.95

The Place We Call Home and Other Poems
9780956240187What is home if not that ‘little corner of earth’ where the poet listens to the heartbeat of a troubled century? In this remarkable body of poems, place crosses path with time and the present is a delicate diaphragm between the past and the future in documenting important and epic events in world history including the 2007 celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade and 9/11. This collection is a voiceprint of a poet who has played no small role in shaping the theme, tone and tenor of contemporary African poetry. Anyidoho says ‘it is the burden and curse of the poet to sing the loss of all our crops after the raging fire has burned the bush and all the harvest into ash.’ This is a distinguished collection and a must read. The book is accompanied by a double CD.
Buy it here $17.95

A Fine Madness
9780956240149A Fine Madness is a masterful work giving an insider’s perspective on the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its effects on African identities, filling a longstanding gap in African literature.

The narrative is the voice of an airman not only armed with bombs, guns and bullets but also with an encyclopedic imagination steeped in African and world history. Gomo’s work has been compared with other African classic works by Fanon, Cesaire, Marechera and p’Bitek. This is a must read across the globe.
Buy it here $15.95


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