Advent Calendar Giveaway: Day 7

Each day from December 1st through 24th, you can enter for a chance to win a free copy of the daily book! Head over to Twitter to join in the fun.

Read the full rules for entry here.

Follow the contest on our website daily here.

Today’s book is from Kolibri Languages.
This unique Pocket Guide is packed with information about French food. Discover how to serve food the French way, pick up tips from French housewives and learn about favorite ingredients and culinary trends.
There are amusing anecdotes about classic French recipes and their origins, and you’ll discover French dishes with literary, bizarre and even violent associations. You’ll learn about French idioms and superstitions related to food and will gain insights into the dos and don’ts when eating in France.
Whatever your level of French, in Food and French you’ll find the words and phrases you need, including key cooking terms, the names of the courses in a French meal and how to express food preferences.
There’s practical information too. Learn about French table manners, food festivals and how to eat certain food. Find help also with reading French menus and matching food and wine.
Organized for easy reference with fun quizzes to help remember key points, Food and French will enable you to understand the importance of food in France, improve your French and enjoy French cuisine to the full.

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