Editor’s Picks: 6 Titles for Inspiration & Motivation

The books you’ll find below are intended to inspire, motivate, and even heal. Read the true story of how a boy went from kitchen porter to the owner of a company that delivers school lunches all over Ireland; learn about how creative daydreaming at work can help your productivity; and discover the effects of depression and how to manage it in the lives of those close to you, or even your own.

Feeding Johnny
9781909718562Feeding Johnny is the story of Colm O’Brien’s rise from teenaged kitchen porter to manager of Bewley’s on Grafton Street to owner of Carambola Kidz, which delivers school lunches to 100,000 children in Ireland every week and employs 70 people. O’Brien aims to help his readers learn from his successes and failures, and start their own businesses. He offers retrospective commentary along the way on what he did wrong, and what he could have done better. O’Brien draws on all of his experiences – good and bad, success and failure – to give readers his most valuable and honest business advice.
Buy it here $20.00

Save the World and Still be Home for Dinner
9781933102788A visionary business coach shows how to rethink our strategies and get started with making our lives count … and the world a better place. Will Marré steps in to show us how to be leaders of meaningful lives and a better world. By joining Will’s trailblazing approach to civic activism through self-knowledge, you’ll learn how to become an engine of change and be inspired to … * Rethink where you are in your life plan * Focus on what really matters to you * Get off the starting line and race with like-minded individuals to make a difference—big or small. Will shows us the power of individuals and corporations, like … * Chris who, surprised by his own compassion, decided on the spot to pay for the college education of one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and later helped build a school in Southern Sudan. * Martin, a global executive of a multi-billion dollar company, who re-invented himself as a revolutionary leader of environmental sustainability throughout North and South America–turning his knowledge of business into a force for change. * Kim, who saved her money-losing chain of technical schools by enlisting the help of every employee and transformed the company into a powerhouse of 21st century skill training within eighteen months–without a single lay-off. * Kate, who used the grief and wisdom of losing her mother to cancer to found a groundbreaking charity to help grieving children when she was only 27. * Mike, who leapfrogged from a surf-ski bum into a leading creator of sustainable footwear for an international company. In tumultuous times, for readers who are not ready to give up, and are ready to take responsibility for driving the future, Save the World & Still Be Home for Dinner is a beacon of hope and a model for civic activism and corporate social responsibility.
Buy it here $7.00

Daydreams at Work
9781933102696Learn how to use the creative power of daydreaming at work to problem solve, brainstorm, energize, motivate, find personal satisfaction, and most important–come up with the next big idea! Everybody daydreams, but most people don’t know anything about the process. Isn’t it time you found out more about your most creative (and neglected) state of mind? Daydreams at Work: * Shows you why daydreaming is literally your most creative state of mind. * Reveals the valuable & productive role mind wanderings and daydreams play in your life and work. * Gives you ideas—through stories and interviews with successful people—for tapping into your own daydreams for ideas, energy and motivation. Find out why Google, Gore & Associates (Gore-Tex), and 3M give their employees the time and space to daydream and how that’s helped them become some of the most innovative companies in the world. Daydreams at Work includes: * Interviews with and stories from top psychologists, leading corporate executives, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, scientists, inventors, and athletes, including legendary mountain climber Ed Viesturs. * Questionnaires to help you determine your own daydreaming style and patterns. * Thought-provoking exercises and tips that will have you examining your daydreams in new and creative ways. Daydreams are not just wishful thinking; they are your source for ideas, energy, and motivation.
Buy it here $7.00

Million Dollar Networking
9781933102054The Wall Street Journal called Andrea Nierenberg a ‘networking success story.’ She is a master at helping others build their interpersonal skills to create strong business connections. In her first book, she told you how to improve your life, luck, and career through personal networking. In Million Dollar Networking, this top corporate consultant focuses on what she knows best – building business through networking – and shows you how to find and develop a solid network of business relationships and lifelong customers. For all types of businesses–from financial services to advertising agencies, from retailers to technology companies –Andrea provides the universal rules of effective networking, offers easy-to-follow steps for establishing your business connections, and explains the attributes of great networkers and how you can attain them. In her frank, relaxed style, Andrea’s new book is just as fun to read as her first, Nonstop Networking, and has useful tips and action points, plus exercises to help you incorporate her teaching into your business plan.
Buy it here $19.95

Flagging the Therapy
9781905483655Flagging the Therapy: Pathways Out of Depression and Anxiety follows on from Dr Barry’s best-selling book, Flagging the Problem. As society undergoes rapid change and we face perhaps the bleakest economic conditions in modern memory, it is not surprising that the issue of mental health has become more prominent and somewhat more openly discussed. The problems of depression and anxiety seem to be the most prevalent with often debilitating effects on the sufferers and their families. However, in many cases, these afflictions can be treated and risks of recurrence significantly reduced. Applying a system which uses color-coded flags for various mental states and problems, Dr. Barry explains the role our minds and brains play in the manifestation of depression and anxiety, and how these in turn can be shaped to lead us out of illness. The book takes a holistic view and examines the numerous medical, psychological and complimentary therapies that can all help in negotiating a pathway out of depression and anxiety. There are color illustrations and extra appendices at the end of the book including information on self-help groups and resources available.
Buy it here $22.95

Flagging Depression
9781907593413Major depression affects up to 15 percent of the population. Many people have a genetic predisposition to the disease, which can be triggered by significant life events or prolonged periods of stress. Happily, most people, given the correct treatment, recover well from depression. Depression is still poorly understood by the general public. In Flagging Depression, family doctor and mental-health specialist, Dr. Harry Barry offers advice to those suffering from depression, and their friends and family members, on what depression is, how it can be treated, and how to reduce the risk of subsequent bouts, He outlines a holistic approach to depression, featuring lifestyle and dietary changes, talk therapy, and medication. In straightforward language, he gives practical advice on how people suffering from depression can feel better, get better, and stay well.
Buy it here $22.95


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