Editor’s Picks: Espionage in Fact and Fiction

Experience the thrill of life as a spy with these stories of espionage! Here you’ll find reprints of the classic spy tales from Alexander Wilson, who’s true adventures provided the basis for incredibly realistic stories; true stories from Washington, DC, the spy capital of the world; and even romantic fiction involving M15 officers and suspected spies.

The Mystery of Tunnel 51
9780749018054Chief of the Intelligence Department Sir Leonard Wallace – bearing always the hall mark of coolness and wit – is up to his earlobes in trouble. Summoned by the Viceroy of India, he makes a rapid flight to India to investigate the mysterious death of British officer Major Elliot and the theft of some very important dispatches.
The Wallace of the Secret Service titles are reprints. Alexander Wilson was a popular and highly acclaimed author of the 1920s and 30s. His characters are based on his own fascinating and largely unknown career in the secret service.
Buy it here $16.95

The Devil’s Cocktail
9780749018108An intrigue against Britain by Bolshevik agents is strongly suspected at MI6.

Sir Leonard Wallace sends Captain Hugh Shannon, disguised as a professor of English Literature, to India to get to the bottom of it.

Book 2 of the Wallace of the Secret Service series.

Buy it here $16.95

Wallace of the Secret Service
9780749018153Extreme Nationalists are fighting to relinquish the British government’s power in Egypt.

Secret agent Henderson, deployed to Egypt to assess the trouble, sends a coded message to say he’s on the trail of something big. But there’s been no word since.

Book 3 of the Wallace of the Secret Service series.

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9780749018207          9780749018252          9780749018306

Get Wallace!
Sir Leonard Wallace, the famous chief of the Secret Service, finds that the peace of Europe is threatened by a gang engaged in the theft and sale of national secrets. Wallace gets busy, and is assisted by the gang leader’s own fear of him and his anxiety to get the Englishman into his power.
Book 4 of the Wallace of the Secret Service series
Preorder here $9.95

His Excellency, Governor Wallace
The government of Hong Kong has been systematically defrauded of 100 million dollars, state secrets have been sold and funds embezzled. The people who have investigated the crimes have wound up dead, so the British Prime Minister asks Sir Leonard Wallace to take up the post of Governor of Hong Kong and uncover the deadly organization taking hold of the city.
Book 5 of the Wallace of the Secret Service series.
Preorder here $9.95

Microbes of Power
When two ex-ministers of Greece are given an effusive welcome in Cyprus following their failed attempt to overthrow the Greek government, Sir Leonard Wallace suspects something other than intense sympathy is afoot.
Book 6 of the Wallace of the Secret Service series.
Preorder here $9.95

*Books 7-9 of the Wallace series are also forthcoming.

The Burning Sky
9780749008321Cal Jardine, former British Officer and current soldier of fortune, breaks off his assignment smuggling Jews out of Nazi Germany when an old army colleague proposes a new commission. A mysterious group of anti-Fascist British backers want to help the Abyssinians in their fight against Mussolini’s Italy, specifically to get them much-needed arms. Gunrunning under the noses of the Germans is a risky job but with a bit of luck and chutzpah, Jardine gets the weapons into Africa. That’s just the start of his troubles though for as the rumbles of war get louder, he falls under the notice of the Italian army…
Hardback on sale $10.00

A Broken Land
9780749008376When a favor to a friend leaves Cal Jardine caught up in the Spanish Civil War, he finds himself with an interesting assortment of fighters, though they make an effective team. Starting as a bunch of athletes, his new compatriots are primed for the fight, however with a communist fanatic in the ranks trouble is brewing and a murderous betrayal lies ahead. He meets the revolutionary, Juan Laporta, and if his companions do not make a perfect combination as fighters they form an effective one, both in Barcelona and then as they advance into the interior. But trouble is brewing in the person of communist diehard Manfred Drecker which threatens the fight and Cal himself. From the street battles of Barcelona to the fighting in the countryside, Cal finds action as well as friendship, but following a murderous betrayal he must have suitable revenge.
Book 2 in The Road to War series.
Hardback on sale $10.00

A Bitter Field
9780749012410While Hitler sets his sights on the Sudetenland, not everyone in Britain is willing to appease him. Convinced that the Fuehrer’s land-hunger is insatiable, the head of the SIS recruits Cal Jardine to help him prove that Czechoslovakia is threatened with invasion. As jealousy and mutual suspicions within secret service ranks make it impossible for Jardine to tell friend from foe, he rediscovers old friends of dubious loyalty and makes new enemies of untested ruthlessness. The final installment in Ludlow’s sweeping series in the pre-WW2 European powder-keg.
Buy it here $16.95

Undercover Washington 
9781931868976In times of peace or war, Washington, D.C. is the spy capital of the world. The original spymaster George Washington, whose home was in nearby Mt. Vernon, started it all when he had false information planted in British pouches and used disappearing ink to instruct his agents. Since then, the capital has been a hotbed of espionage, chock full of all the targets of any self-respecting spy—the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, NSA, and more. Diplomats, politicians, generals, scholars, secretaries and clerks, mistresses and wives have lied, contrived, connived, denied, cheated, blackmailed, seduced and betrayed each other here, right up to the current war on terrorism. Pamela Kessler, a former Washington Post reporter and an expert on the local espionage scene, takes readers on a guided tour through D.C. and nearby Virginia and Maryland to more than 70 dropsites, safehouses, graveyards, mansions, museums, secure government offices and restaurant rendezvous where the spy game has been played. Kessler reveals the tales behind each featured site and offers more than 60 photographs of secret agents and the hangouts where they lived, worked, loved and sometimes died gruesome deaths.
Buy it here $10.00

My Adventures as a Spy
9781445636108As a young Army officer, Robert Baden-Powell was stationed in Malta as an aide to his uncle, General Sir Henry Augustus Smyth. While there, he also served as intelligence officer for the Mediterranean for the Director of Military Intelligence and it was in this role that he had many of the adventures described in this book, traveling to investigate fortifications. Written in 1915, and including Baden-Powell’s thoughts on German espionage before and in the first years of the First World War, My Adventures as a Spy describes such techniques as how to convey secret information using drawings of butterfly wings, how to quickly disguise yourself, how to safely produce plans of fortresses and observe troops and how to get past sentries.
Buy it here $14.50

Run Rabbit Run
9781906931735Sophie’s in trouble. Must be Tuesday. Sophie Green’s an ex-spy, or trying to be. You wouldn’t believe the trouble she’s in. An MI5 officer has been shot with her gun, her fingerprints all over his office. And no, she didn’t kill him. But she has gone on the run. Now Sophie’s desperately seeking whoever’s trying to frame and kill her. She’s being forced to work with the least trustworthy man in Europe, MI5 is following her every move, and she’s had to leave the tall, blond, god of a man she loves behind. Luke Sharpe works for MI6. Or did, until his girlfriend became a murder suspect.Doing nothing wasn’t an option, so he started investigating. Who cares if it is means jeopardizing his career? Sophie’s everything he used to say he never wanted. Young, irresponsible, bright and mad. Now she’s just everything – and she has to live. She will live, won’t she?
Buy it here $11.95

The UnTied Kingdom
9781906931681The portal to an alternate world was the start of all her troubles – or was it? When Eve Carpenter lands with a splash in the Thames, it’s not the London or England she’s used to. No one has a telephone or knows what a computer is. England’s a third world country and Princess Di is still alive. But worst of all, everyone thinks Eve’s a spy. Including Major Harker who has his own problems. His sworn enemy is looking for a promotion. The general wants him to undertake some ridiculous mission to capture a computer, which Harker vaguely envisions running wild somewhere in Yorkshire. Turns out the best person to help him is Eve. She claims to be a popstar. Harker doesn’t know what a popstar is, although he suspects it’s a fancy foreign word for ‘spy’. Eve knows all about computers, and electricity. Eve is dangerous. There’s every possibility she’s mad. And Harker is falling in love with her.
Buy it here $11.95

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