Editor’s Picks: Delve into the Paranormal this Halloween

What better time of year to read ghost stories than Halloween?!

Many people find the paranormal fascinating and terrifying. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, poltergeists, or witches is almost irrelevant; these stories have the ability to enthrall and frighten readers whether or not you think the stories are true.

Continue reading for titles on witchcraft in the modern age, the most haunted sites in London, and even a guide on how to investigate paranormal activity. Boo!


Supernatural Wales
9781445611518*Low Stock* Wales is a land of ghosts and dark legends, strange animals and unexplained phenomena. From the Abergele Ghost Ship to the Witch Lakes of the Brecon Beacons, Alvin Nicholas takes the reader on a comprehensive A-Z tour.
Supernatural Wales is the definitive guide to Welsh ghosts, hauntings, monsters, and mysteries. Here you will find haunted castles and manor houses, mountain specters and ghost ships. Learn how to track mystery panthers, try your hand at ghost hunting and explore a land of lake monsters, sea serpents, vampires and werewolves. With well over 100 entries, Supernatural Wales covers everything from spooky secret passages to phantom armies and mystery light phenomena.
This book includes new information and thorough first-hand research that will lead you to the heart of mysterious Wales. The book includes never-before-published OS grid references so you can walk where ghosts walk and stand, if you dare, where disembodied voices are heard and where grim goblins, spectral horsemen, and dogs of darkness appear.
Sure to delight both armchair enthusiasts and serious researchers alike, Supernatural Wales is packed with fascinating stories and intriguing information that will compel readers to refer to this book again and again.
Buy it here $24.95

Ghosts of Edinburgh
9781848682672*Low Stock* From the murderous cannibalism of Sawney Bean to the bodysnatching exploits of Burke and Hare, Edinburgh has seen its fair share of ghoulish happenings over the years. But does it truly deserve its reputation as one of Britain’s most haunted cities? Along with his fearless team of ‘spook seekers’, Rob Kirkup donned his ghost-hunting gear and took to the streets of Scotland’s capital to find out whether today’s visitors have anything to fear.
Might one meet a foul-mouthed poltergeist beneath the South Bridge, or have a close encounter at Edinburgh Dungeon? Should one avoid Greyfriars Kirk at night, or keep their eyes peeled at Bedlam Theater? From the disembodied voices of Cammo Estate to suspicious sounds at Mary King’s Close, the team really did see it all, and now’s your chance to join them on their quest. Using state-of-the-art paranormal detection equipment, and drawing on his extensive field experience, the author shows us why it’s worth keeping your wits about you in one of the world’s most terrifying cities.
Buy it here $20.00

Modern Witchcraft 
9781781550908Since the rise of Christianity, and largely because of it, Witchcraft, or the Old Religion, has been utterly misunderstood. Wrongly accused of devil worship, its practitioners were persecuted with barbaric zeal; only in 1951 was the antiquated Witchcraft Act, banning all practice, finally repealed. Bill Love first came into contact with Witchcraft in 1942, when it was still illegal. A graduate in physics, an ex-RAF fighter pilot and a teacher in physical education, Bill was, on the face of it, an unlikely person to take an interest. But the tenets of Witchcraft – essentially the art of living in complete harmony with nature – appealed to Bill’s scientific mind, and in 1953 he joined the Sacred Coven of Ceridwen. There he learned the old, timeless ways of the religion, passed down ‘from mouth to ear’ over countless generations. Therein lies the rare magic of this book. With the rise of Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca, to name but two twentieth-century variants, Traditional Witchcraft, as it has become known, is in danger of extinction. In writing this book, Bill Love has shared his intimate knowledge of Witchcraft in its purest form, preserving the ancient practices and beliefs for modern covens and interested individuals to follow. Modern Witchcraft is brilliantly illustrated with photographs of Bill Love’s coven. Sadly, Bill died before the completion of this book; it is written with help and contributions from acclaimed author Jak P. Mallmann Showell and High Priestess of the Sacred Coven of Ceridwen, Toni Hughes.
Buy it here $29.95

9781848689879*Low Stock* The first major history of the poltergeist phenomenon ever published.
Comprehensive coverage from the earliest known records from the Dark Ages c.530 AD to the present day obsession with the media coverage such claims generate.
Author is a respected expert on the occult.
The poltergeist of ‘noisy ghost’ phenomenon is commonly thought to be the result of a dead person’s angry spirit expressing that anger by violence in the physical world, or the projected energies of an emotionally volatile human being, often a teenager. In fact, poltergeists are more interesting than either of those suggested explanations, because they are actually something of a mystery. Are they spirits of some kind, natural or anomalous forms of energy, or the products of trickery or self-delusion, or something else altogether? This account sets out to seek answers to those and other questions by providing examples of poltergeist activity from late antiquity to the present day, and discussing who recorded them, why, and for what kind of audience. It also clarifies the mystery and presents the reader with explanations of increasingly common, well-documented and intriguing manifestations of apparently paranormal phenomena.
Buy it here $29.95

Haunted London 
9781848682627This was the first book on London’s ghosts, when Peter Underwood was President of the Ghost Club. He is uniquely qualified to write Haunted London, presenting a parade and gazetteer of the psychic phenomena of Britain’s capital city — a city with nearly ten million living inhabitants and the ghosts of many dead ones.
As well as all of the famous hauntings — the Cock Lane ghost, the Grey Man at Drury Lane, the Tower ghosts, the haunted house at Berkeley Square etc. — the book contains many new and hitherto unpublished findings. Not all ghosts date back to earlier centuries: there are ghost motorcyclists, for instance, and new buildings on the sites of older ones are as likely to have ghosts as those which still stand.
For easy reference, Haunted London has divided up London geographically. Ghostly associations are uncovered in churches, theaters, hotels, inns and scenes of murders. Poltergeist infestation is another phenomenon included in this work which is sure to fascinate anyone wanting to get to know London better — whether they be visitors, psychic researchers, students of history, of legend or folklore, or simply lovers of one of the world’s finest cities.
Buy it here $19.95

Haunted Gardens 
9781848682610*Low Stock* Haunted Gardens is a brand new book from the renowned supernatural writer, Peter Underwood.
The world today is fascinated by life after death, and the affect that the ‘other side’ has on our lives. Paranormal expect Peter Underwood has decided to explore ghostly gardens for the very first time in history, and shows, with examples from all over the world, just how spooky gardens can be!
Countries include: the UK and Ireland, the USA, France and Germany.
Carefully researched and fully illustrated with Peter’s own photographs, this new book is sure to be an ideal gift for anyone interested in ghosts and the paranormal.
Buy it here $24.95

A Beginner’s Guide to Paranormal Investigation 
9781848682344*Low Stock* A Beginner’s Guide to Paranormal Investigation is an ideal guide for anyone who is curious about paranormal investigation and the supernatural. The author guides the reader through the required steps for paranormal investigation and identifies the core concepts of successful investigations.
This book will provide readers with basic information that will help them to start their own supernatural searches. Readers will be introduced to the basic historical backgrounds of each phenomena, alternative theories for each phenomena, a grounding of common sense as well as what equipment to use and how to use it.
A Beginner’s Guide to Paranormal Investigation is a fantastic book for anyone with an interest in the paranormal.
Buy it here $24.95

Curious Cumbrian Walks
9781874181736Curious Cumbrian Walks ventures into and beyond these honeypots to reveal some of Lakeland’s lovely hidden gems, each with the added dimension of an intriguing tale, ghostly connection or fascinating snippet of history.
• Follow in the footsteps of Victorian revenue men as they fail to thwart sly moonshiner Lanty Slee.
• Discover the origins of the name of the River Mint while meandering along its banks near Kendal
• Shiver as the cold hand of Roger de Leyburne tickles your backbone as you walk on Cunswick Fell
• Stroll in the spirited company of the Cistercian monks of Cartmel Priory
• Cross an ancient Cumbrian bridge and read about the wise old woman who outwitted the Devil Perfect for all ages and abilities, walkers will delight in this unique collection of easy Cumbrian rambles. Graham’s careful choice of routes, lively style and hand-drawn maps, combined with his eye for a good story, guarantee both an excellent day out and a highly entertaining read.
Buy it here $14.95

Witchcraft and the Black Art 
9781781550106This superb history of witchcraft brings lucidity and rational analysis to a captivating topic, shrouded in mystery. Using an array of historical records and a sober commitment to the facts, Wickwar examines the true causes behind our ancient fascination with the ‘Black Art’; how, through the ages, a potent mixture of fear and superstition was able to provoke acts of gruesome barbarity. Witchcraft and the Black Art does away with sensationalism to provide a fresh, linear approach to the subject; a solid foundation for any general reader with an interest in one of the more sinister and bizarre chapters of our history.
Buy it here $21.95


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