Editor’s Picks: 4 Takes on the Jack the Ripper Mystery

The Jack the Ripper murders are arguably the most fascinating unsolved crimes in history. The books you’ll find below seek to solve the mystery, separate the real facts from the myth, and provide new insight on the hunt for Jack the Ripper during the Autumn of Terror. From a book on the controversial theory that Jack the Ripper was nothing more than a creation of the press, to a biography on the lead investigator of the case, these titles are sure to thrill any history lover or mystery enthusiast.


Bonus: Check out this recent Wall Street Journal article about the Jack the Ripper murders, which features quotes from Richard Whittington-Egan, author of Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Casebook.

Jack the Ripper
9781848685222Finally proves who Jack the Ripper was – an invention of the 19th century gutter press.
Includes fresh evidence from a senior Home Office pathologist’s review of the original Scotland Yard files.
Jack the Ripper is the most established British celebrity brand ever and has spawned more books, films, documentaries than any other.
The most famous serial killer in history. A sadistic stalker of seedy Victorian back streets. A master criminal. The man who got away with murder – over and over again. But while literally hundreds of books have been published, trying to pin Jack’s crimes on an endless list of suspects, no-one has considered the much more likely explanation for Jack’s getting away with it… He never existed.
Buy it here $19.95

Jack the Ripper
9781445600840The murders in London between 1888-91 attributed to Jack the Ripper constitute one of the most mysterious unsolved criminal cases. This story is the result of many years of meticulous research. The author reassesses all the evidence and challenges everything we thought we knew about the Victorian serial killer and the vanished East End he terrorized.
Distilling the truth from what is the most infamous unsolved mystery, the author finally unmasks Jack the Ripper, the best-known, but never identified, serial killer in the history of the world. Complemented with many illustrations and supported by historical evidence, this is compelling reading for anyone interested in Jack the Ripper.
Hardback $24.95
Paperback $19.95

Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Casebook
9781445617688The case of Jack the Ripper and his savage serial killing and horrendous mutilation of five women in the East End of Victorian London is the greatest of all unsolved murder mysteries. For over 100 years the long line of candidates for the bloodstained laurels of Jack the Ripper has been paraded before us. Policemen and Ripperologists have tried in vain to put a name to the faceless silent killer.
Richard Whittington-Egan, one of the founding fathers of the search, published, in 1975, his Casebook on Jack the Ripper, now eagerly sought but long out of print and virtually unobtainable (except at mammoth prices), in which he documented the history, the crimes, the investigations and the investigators. He also included some fundamentally new discoveries and points, such as the real story of the kidney in Mr Lusk’s renal post-bag, wrongly said to be that of Catherine Eddowes (Ripper Victim No. 4).
The endless nightmare of Jack the Ripper has rolled on, unstoppable, and now Richard Whittington-Egan, in a completely revised and very considerably enlarged edition of the 1975 Casebook, has taken a new look, from a longer perspective, at the theories and the personages who advanced them, from the time of the murders right up to the present day.
Buy it here $40.00

Ripper Hunter
9781848847637Who was Inspector Frederick Abberline, the lead detective in the Jack the Ripper case? Why did he and his fellow policemen fail to catch the most notorious serial killer of Victorian England? What was he like as a man, as a professional policeman, one of the best detectives of his generation? And how did he investigate the sequence of squalid, bloody murders that repelled – and fascinated – contemporaries and has been the subject of keen controversy ever since? Here at last in M.J. Trow’s compelling biography of this pre-eminent Victorian policeman are the answers to these intriguing questions. Abberline’s story gives us insight into his remarkable career, into the routines of Victorian policing, and into the Ripper case as it was seen by the best police minds of the day.
Buy it here $39.95


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