Just In: 2016 Calendars from Carousel Calendars!


Carousel Calendars is the UK’s largest calendar publisher, publishing over 500 titles, including a number of top licenses, regional calendars, and a wide range of other titles in innovative formats and designs. They also produce a number of calendars that are exclusive to particular charities, retailers, and other organizations.

Below, you’ll find 2016 calendars distributed by Casemate IPM.

To see all the Carousel Calendars products we distribute, click here.

5060399926584Stunning photography in this 2016 Wolves calendar shows these beautiful animals at their best, with a different image for each month.
Buy it here

5060399926409This charming 2016 Owls calendar shares some stunning photography of these beautiful birds. Along with large grid spaces to note down all your commitments, this is the perfect calendar for any lover of this fascinating, nocturnal bird.
Buy it here $16.95

5060399929097Images of your favorite prickly pal will accompany you throughout the year as you use the spacious grid spaces to note all your appointments.
Buy it here $16.95

9781782084846Discover the charm that Ireland has to offer with this lovely calendar. Ireland is traditionally known as the Emerald Isle – it is a beautiful and evocative land. These thirteen images offer a glimpse of the diversity, history and quietude that Ireland has to offer.
Buy it here $16.95

Around Britain
5060399926072Journey Around Britain in 365 days with this square calendar for 2016 and discover some of the most unique locations in the country, with a new image for every day of the year.
Buy it here $16.95

5060399926348London is one of the greatest cities in the world – a vibrant conurbation of amazingly rich diversity. Whether it is history, architecture, theatre, shopping or museums of world renown – London has it all. This 2016 calendar showcases everything that London has to offer.
Buy it here $16.95

5060399926096This spectacular 2016 calendar shows a new image each month, taken by leading photographers, that offer a tantalizing glimpse of all that this wonderful country has to offer.
Buy it here $16.95

5060399926652Featuring a collection of spectacular photographs, discover 13 stunning skylines of the world in this 2016 wall calendar. From London to Sydney, all can be explored from the comfort of your own home. Each month you can keep on top of your schedule with the spacious date grid, whilst enjoying the skyline view from amazing cities around the world.
Buy it here $16.95

Wild & Wonderful Weather
5060399926577A fantastic wall calendar featuring some of the world’s most dramatic weather. Along with a spacious date grid, it is the perfect calendar for any weather enthusiast.
Buy it here $16.95

Men in Kilts
5060399927000This steamy 2016 calendar is sure to delight any admirer of the male body as photographs of buff blokes, wearing nothing but a typical Scottish kilt, can be found each month throughout this calendar!
Buy it here $16.95

9781785790454Beautiful inked babes feature each month in this calendar and will accompany you throughout 2016.
Buy it here $16.95

British Motorbikes
5060399926133The perfect choice of calendar for any bike lover, this British Motorbikes calendar showcases a new classic bike every month. Spacious date grids for all your appointments complete the calendar.
Buy it here $16.95

*Advent Calendar* Santa’s Presents 
9781781244241Countdown to Christmas with this delightful, traditional advent calendar. Reveal a new picture behind each door to get you in a magical, festive mood in the days leading up to Christmas.
Buy it here $16.95

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