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Below you’ll find the newest titles distributed by Casemate IPM for Amberley, Allison & Busby, and Grub Street!

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Robin Hood
9781445602813Everyone has heard of Robin Hood, the brilliant archer who ‘robbed the rich to give to the poor’ and who always triumphed over the forces of evil, but the man behind the legend is as mysterious as King Arthur. David Baldwin sets out to find the real Robin Hood, looking for clues in the earliest ballads and in official and legal documents of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. His search takes him to the troubled reign of King Henry III, and to Henry’s difficult and deteriorating relationship with his brother-in-law Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester. Earl Simon became a popular hero, a man who, it was thought, might have changed everything for the better, and who was credited with miracles in the aftermath of his death at the battle of Evesham.
Supporters who continued to oppose the government inherited his mantle, and one of them, a man named Roger Godberd who retreated to the forest and defied the sheriff, won notoriety and respect in equal measure. Later generations added much to the story, but Godberd, Baldwin argues, is the original outlaw hero. The reason why the real Robin is inexplicably missing from contemporary records is that he was not called Robin Hood in his own day.
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Roman Britain
9781445611907The most authoritative history of Roman Britain ever published for the general reader.
For nearly four centuries, from AD 43 to 410, Britain was a small province on the northwestern edge of the vast Roman Empire. Patricia Southern’s masterly new history tells the story from first contact, through invasion and conquest, coexistence to eventual decline incorporating the political, social and cultural history of ‘Britannia’. For the first time the wealth of ‘voices’ from the varied population of Roman Britain are placed center stage in the narrative. Indirectly via the works of ancient historians, analysts and biographers, and directly from building inscriptions, religious dedications, gravestones, graffiti, leaden curse tablets, artifacts and coins. Writers such as Gaius Julius Caesar, the geographer Strabo, the historian Tacitus, and the annalist Cassius Dio, describe Britain and the main historical events, but perhaps the most vivid source is the corpus of letters from the fort at Vindolanda in Northumberland, where named individuals talk about birthday parties and complain about the terrible state of the roads…
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Oscar Wilde and the Scandalous Summer of Earnest
9781445636184In the summer of 1894 Oscar Wilde spent eight weeks in Worthing. It was during this family holiday that he wrote his masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest.
The two months in Worthing were a microcosm of Wilde’s turbulent life during the three years between his falling in love with Lord Alfred Douglas (‘Bosie’) in 1892 and his imprisonment in 1895. Constance Wilde, lonely and depressed, became emotionally involved with her husband’s publisher, to whom she wrote a love-letter on the day he visited the Wildes in Worthing. Meanwhile Wilde was spending much of his time with the feckless and demanding Douglas and with three teenage boys he regularly took out sailing, swimming and fishing. One of these boys was Alphonse Conway, with whom Wilde became sexually involved, and about whom he was to be questioned at length and to damaging effect in court six months later, when he sued Douglas’s father, the Marquess of Queensberry, for libel.
Oscar Wilde and the Scandalous Summer of Earnest tells for the first time the full extraordinary story of the final summer before Wilde’s life fell apart and reassesses the aftermath, offering fresh insights into Wilde’s attitude to the boys and young men with whom he was involved.
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Bradshaw’s Guide: Bradshaw at the Seaside
9781445643823At the start of the nineteenth century most ordinary people in Britain had never traveled further than a few miles from where they were born and lived. The arrival of the railways changed all that and brought an unprecedented degree of personal travel to almost every stratum of society. By the latter half of the century it had become quite possible for a Londoner, for example, to make a day trip to take in the sea air and entertainments of the South Coast and still be home in time for supper. Not only did this new phenomenon change the way that people spent their leisure time, it also brought about the development of many seaside towns with several new resorts growing from small settlements to large towns at an incredible speed.
This latest volume in the Bradshaw’s Guide series is a celebration of Britain’s love affair with the seaside. Bradshaw’s descriptions are illustrated with contemporary photographs, maps, travel posters and, of course, the inevitable seaside postcards.
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To the Devil – A Diva!
9780749009830Karla Sorensen used to be big in horror films. No self-respecting low-budget bloody shocker was complete without the Queen of Vampires. She was well-qualified; after all, at the age of ten, she sold her soul to the devil. Now, although spookily ageless, Karla is knocking on in years. Her residuals are drying up and she needs some cash, so she decides to return to the north of England, to Manchester, to appear in Menswear, Britain’s most risqué TV soap opera. But not everyone’s happy about her return to the fame game. Menswear’s current star is Lance Randall, the famously sexually confused heart-throb, and he’s furious to hear that Karla is about to become his co-star. He hates her, he fears her, and he’s convinced that she’s come to steal his very soul. Dark clouds are massing around town – and deep, dark, devilish secrets are about to be unleashed.
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Hearts of Darkness
97807490153291666. London is recovering from the Great Plague and mourning its dead. The city is free at last, like a great old bear, beaten to its knees, bloody but unbowed. But the disease slithered out of London to wreak its evil upon other towns and cities. The worst was over, the Pestilence gone, in search of new feeding grounds, bounteous and plentiful in the villages outside of London. Harry Lytle, who works for Lord Arlington’s intelligence service, is sent to Essex where the plague is breeding to track down a traitor and bring him back alive. But things get tricky when Lord Arlington’s latest recruit for the mission is a man Lytle left dead. Having learnt first hand of Lord Arlington’s barbaric cruelty, Lytle knows he can’t refuse the job. Travelling into a disease-ridden village with a murderer seems like a better option.
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Devil to Pay
9780749016630*Now in Paperback* Faced with a ship in need of repair, enemy attacks and the threat of wily Admiral Hotham, John Pearce is sailing into danger. Meanwhile Ralph Barclay is on his way to the Mediterranean. Thinking his wife still with Pearce and that he can repair his marriage by rescuing her, he sails in pursuit, Hotham half-hoping he suffers the same fate as the admiral has in store for Pearce. Can John Pearce fight to first save himself and his charges from captivity and then to be free from the enemy? It is a battle that will require all of his wits.
Buy it here $16.95

The Seal King Murders
9780749040277*Now in Paperback* 1861. Constable Faro is heading home to Orkney, pursuing a private investigation into the mysterious drowning of an ex-colleague’s relative, champion swimmer Dave Claydon. Was this an accident or does Claydon’s death have a sinister connection with missing artifacts recovered from the Armada galleon sunk off Spanish Cove? At Scarthbreck his mother is determined to find him a wife and this Lammastide the legend of the seal king’s annual claim of a human bride becomes reality. Faro’s holiday and his original secret mission turn into a nightmare. With himself as the prime suspect in the girl’s disappearance, he is in deadly danger, his life threatened by circumstances beyond his control. Fans of historical mysteries will find much to like in Knight’s old-favorite Faro.
Buy it here $16.95

Shadow of Death
9780749079369Trawling through piles of tatty Victoriana and mawkish lives of the saints in the library at the Order of Bermondsey, Sister Agnes discovers the seventeenth-century Hawker archive, a collection of hand-written journals telling the story of Alice, her husband Nicolas and their son who died in infancy. The story seems to haunt the present, as the line between past and present grows hazy. Agnes becomes convinced there must be a connection with the Hawker archives, and she must hurry to protect an innocent child and lay some ghosts to rest.
Buy it here $16.95

Slip Knot
9780749079406Callum Hughes has been labeled a killer and a psycho. He has been labeled by the press, by his classmates and most of all by the family of the boy he stabbed. Roger Gough has been labeled a victim. He is described by everyone that the police question as a sporty, funny and popular boy who was brutally murdered by Callum. At least, that’s what his friends and family are saying. But things are rarely so black and white. The coroner, Martha Gunn, a widow who is also dealing with her son moving out of the family home to attend a football academy, understands the pain of loss and the importance of justice for the dead. When Callum is found dead in his cell just two days after his arrest, it is accepted that he simply could not cope with his new environment and killed himself. Was such a timid and intelligent boy really capable of motiveless murder? Indeed, was he really capable of taking his own life?
Buy it here $16.95

The Lazarus Strain
9780749080150When the Crick Research Institute is broken into the police believe that it was Animal Rights activists taking things a step too far. But one of the Institute’s top scientists, Tim Devon, is found brutally murdered and six research monkeys have been let loose. No one seems to know exactly what the monkeys were being used for and government officials arrive a little too promptly to prevent any of Prof. Devon’s colleagues from finding out exactly what he was researching.
Buy it here $16.95

GS Cookery  Grub Street

Cakes Regional and Traditional
9781910690062*Now in Paperback* Shortlisted for the 2004 Glenfiddich Book of the Year. Julie Duff runs an award-winning cake business, which supplies wonderful rich succulent fruit cakes and other traditional cakes to some of the country’s premier shops, such as Fortnum & Mason. Her most treasured collection of recipes, some of them from generations of her own family which was first published to huge critical acclaim in 2003 has now been revised and updated.
She says in her introduction ‘my passion for cakes can be wholeheartedly blamed on my grandmother who spent many hours letting me mix fruit cakes at the kitchen table. It was inevitable that one day I would derive pleasure from baking cakes.’
This remains one of the most comprehensive collection of cake recipes published in one mammoth volume. Cakes Regional & Traditional encompasses all the traditional, historical and regional cakes from the British Isles. With the combined circulation of cake making magazines exceeding 50,000 per issue the market for this book is assured as other cake making books specialize in either wedding cakes or children’s novelty cakes and there is no one source for the hundreds of cakes which are such an integral part of British cooking.
Buy it here $29.95


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