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Casemate IPM is proud to distribute for GFT Publishing.

George F. Thompson Publishing develops and brings to publication books of lasting value on a wide range of subjects for readers from all over the world. GFT Publishing continues the long-standing efforts of George to advance our understanding of the places and spaces that surround us—urban, rural, social, and wild—through well-conceived, smartly written, elegantly designed, and beautifully produced books. Books by George, since 1984, have won more than 100 top editorial awards and prizes, including multiple best-book honors in 31 academic, artistic, and professional fields. Books by George emphasize the necessary connections between art and science, the local and the global, the individual and the group.

Keep reading to see a selection of GFT Publishing titles distributed by Casemate IPM, and upcoming Special Events with GFT author Rachel Fletcher in the New York City and Atlanta, GA areas!

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Recycled Realities
9781938086311Near the homes of photographers John Willis and Tom Young is a paper mill that sits in the otherwise pristine and picturesque climes of western Massachusetts. For Willis and Young, this site is one of both aesthetic and philosophical contradictions: despite its verdant locale, the mill—with its smokestacks and countless bales of discarded paper—brings to mind the dreariness of industrialization and the impermanence of life itself. But the factory is actually one where such litter is reborn as reusable paper. Willis and Young’s quadtone photographs transform this mill and the innumerable mounds of recyclable waste it processes daily into an indelible and evocative landscape. Recycled Realities is not a jeremiad foretelling the consequences of excessive waste, rampant pollution, or unbridled consumption but rather a profound meditation on the hidden connections and meanings that linger beneath the debris and detritus of everyday life.
These unforgettable images of discarded paper from the printed world trace the processes of emergence, revelation, and redemption that make the cycle of life possible.
Buy it here $45.00

A Field Guide to Other People’s Trees
9781938086304Old houses may not be haunted, but they retain many palpable vestiges of their pasts. And when Margot Anne Kelley and her husband, Rob, moved into an old farmhouse, they inherited that past as well as the property. On their one acre on Maine’s mid-coast, they learned much about the history of their home not by visiting the local historical society but by spending time observing the trees, plants, and grasses that had been planted by those who once owned their land. What they discovered is a landscape history that harkens deep into New England’s past. In this field guide to other people’s trees, we learn about some of those past owners and their trees. Guided by Kelley’s evocative text and gorgeous photographs, we come to appreciate the same lessons that she did—that plants carry the past into the present, that we are part of a rich and interconnected world. In sharing her property with us, Kelley gives us a glimpse of her unique part of New England, encouraging us by her own example to imagine the many gifts we, too, inherit with a house and plot of land. Intimate and informative, Kelley’s field guide is a joy to read and a gift to all who share her love of nature and of place. Like the plants that define her land in Maine, this book invites readers to recognize that we can be fully grounded in our home place.
Buy it here $40.00

A Year in Rock Creek Park, Deluxe Edition
9781938086267This is a hardcover, limited edition of 350 copies, slip-cased and signed by the author Rock Creek Valley serves as the spine of the national park. Its history is long and storied, from native Indian tribes who fished the creek, hunted the woods, and quarried the rock outcroppings, to Euro-Americans’ claims on the land as mill sites, to widespread deforestation during the American Civil War, to its ecological restoration and designation as a federal park in 1890, the same year Yosemite in California became a national park. Melanie Choukas-Bradley, a renowned naturalist, writer, and teacher in the DC area, spent a full year in the national park recording her observations. She walked and skied its trails several times a week and in all weather conditions, observing and recording natural events in such engaging prose and insight that we feel right at home when she explores the park’s many “environmental moments.” As Choukas-Bradley writes: “Rock Creek Park’s legendary ‘wildness’ has inspired not only American Presidents such as John Quincy Adams, who heralded Rock Creek as ‘this romantic glen,’ and Teddy Roosevelt, who led hikes and rock-scrambles there, but also other devotees such as Edward O. Wilson, the world-renowned scientist who, as a boy, fondly studied in the park’s environs.” But this is more than a nature book, for Choukas-Bradley makes enlightened connections between the natural cycles of life within the park and her life as both a naturalist and writer and a wife and mother. Woven into her wanderings is an exuberance for the restorative powers of Nature and a yearning for better stewardship of our earthly home. Within these pages, Choukas-Bradley leads us on a personal discovery of the wonders of Rock Creek Park. Enhanced by the beautiful photographs of Susan Austin Roth, we are given the gift of an incredible and unforgettable journey.
Buy it here $75.00

9781938086274In Iluminaciones, Jack Parsons’s seventeenth book, he takes the viewer on a very personal, deeply intuitive journey that reveals how he has honed his photographic vision. The answer is subtle—and remarkable: It is by growing into his own photographs. Here he shares with us ninety-one of his favorite photographs taken over the long arc of his stellar career. These are images that, over time, taught him, as he says, “to see the everyday world with new and better eyes,” and that encouraged him “to look deeply instead of glancing and forgetting.” The photographs in Iluminaciones were taken all over the world, from the vast expanses of America’s desert Southwest to a mosque in Turkey and temples in Laos, Burma, and Japan, of colorful streets in Mexico and Italy to quiet swimming pools in Southern California, from monumental urban landscapes in Eastern Europe to clouds forming over Ireland and Maui. Most of the pictures are of simple, commonplace things that we might not give a second glance. Yet Parsons did and in so doing both reveals and celebrates the subtle power and quiet beauty of the everyday. Complemented by the artful commentary of Frederick Turner, Iluminaciones is a stunning visual exploration of the beauty that shines through our world if we take the time to stop and look.
Buy it here $45.00

Walking Magpie
9781938086113People love dogs, and dogs love people. Walking a dog is one of the most visible and mutually beneficial manifestations of that bond. It is a ritual steeped in affection and obligation. It doesn’t have a day off. It doesn’t pay the bills or clean the dishes or do the laundry. Still, people and dogs alike gain the benefits of exercise, socialization, shared experiences and observations. Another benefit, often overlooked, is the pleasure of mutually indulging a trait that ordinary dogs share with extraordinary people: curiosity. This book is, in many ways, an ode to curiosity. Walking Magpie is about a dog and what a dog sees. It is also a work of serious photography by a well-known and pioneering landscape artist: Chuck Forsman, who, for more than forty years, has been a keen observer of the interface between landscape and culture as expressed through his paintings and photographic art. As a result, Forsman often goes to places that might not be on everyone’s radar screen. In this book, Forsman took a camera with him during his walks with Magpie, the family dog. Often, these walks are in the neighborhood and surrounding hills where Forsman lives: near the Flatirons in Boulder. But Magpie joins Forsman on other adventures, from Alaska and the Northwest Territories of Canada to Florida, Ohio, and New York City. The intent is to turn these experiences into art. With each picture we sense mystery rather than clarity, questions about place rather than answers. We hardly can know what a dog knows, but with this book we can appreciate better what a dog sees and senses and experiences, helping the human and canine imagination to meld, at least a little. Walking Magpie is published in conjunction with a retrospective of Chuck Forsman’s photographs at the Denver Art Museum in October 2013. Published in association with the Denver Museum of Art.
Buy it here $45.00

Special Author Events with rachel fletcher


Purchase your copy of Infinite Measure here.
October 27th and 28th, 2015

20 West 44th Street, Suite 310, New York, NY
6:00 – 8:30 PM
Introduction to the Art of Geometric Proportion 
This course provides visual designers of all art forms and disciplines with geometric methods for composing harmonious spaces and places. Students will learn design techniques, practice drawing, and study the congruous proportions of famous architects and artists such as Andrea Palladio and Thomas Jefferson. The course will provide a fundamental introduction to the art of geometric proportion.
Register Here!
Email or call (212) 730-9646 × 116 with questions about the course or registration.
No Pre-Requisites. Continuing Education: 5 AIA HSW
$225 ($200 Members)
Recommended Text:
Infinite Measure: 
Learning to Design in Geometric Harmony With Art, Architecture, and Nature
Recommended Materials: 9” x 12” drawing paper, drawing pencils, red and/or blue colored pencils, tracing paper, 6” bow compass, eraser, sandpaper, 12” straightedge, drafting dots.

Thursdays, October 22nd – November 12th, 2015
New York School of Interior Design
Institute for Continuing and Professional Studies
170 E. 70th Street, New York, NY 10021  |  212-472-1500
The Art and Practice of Geometric Proportion (6:00-9:00pm)
No prerequisites | All materials provided | $485
Register here!
The simple act of drawing can sensitize the designer to the rich subtleties of spatial harmony and proportion, no matter how one ultimately chooses to express it. This course combines lectures and studio workshops that include; practical techniques for design applications, step-by-step elementary drawings for producing proportional compositions with a compass and rule, commentaries on geometric symbols, and useful mathematical theorems and definitions. There will also be an analysis of harmonious proportions in world famous art, architecture, and interior and landscape design including works by Andrea Palladio, Thomas Jefferson, Eero Saarinen, Beatrix Farrand, and Louis Sullivan.
Note: This course can be offered informally in Great Barrington (no credit). Email

November 20th, 2015
Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, Southeast Chapter
800 Miami Circle, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30324  |  404-348-3244
Introduction to Architectural Proportion (9:00am-12:00pm)
This course provides a fundamental introduction to architectural proportion, with an emphasis on the art of Geometric proportion. Students will learn design techniques, practice drawing, and study the congruous proportions of famous architects in the classical tradition such as Andrea Palladio and Thomas Jefferson.
Visit the ICA Southeast Website here!

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