Celebrate the LA Dodgers with “Bats, Balls, and Hollywood Stars”

With the LA Dodgers currently in the playoffs, what better time to brush up on your Dodgers baseball history?

Bats, Balls, and Hollywood Stars is the story of the highly successful LA Dodgers Hollywood Stars Night, when celebrities and baseball players would come together for an event unlike any other. Joe Siegman and Educator’s International Press bring you the story of this grand tradition.

9781891928468Book Synopsis

Only one big league baseball club, the LA Dodgers, had an annual Hollywood Stars Night exhibition game. Over the years, other major league and minor league teams have produced their own celebrity ball games from time to time, with varying levels of success. Nonetheless, no other ball clubs, majors or minors, had been able to successfully sustain their celebrity game event over a period of years such as the LA Dodgers have. And, no other team—major league, minor league, and most prominently in recent years, MLB’s All Star Game celebrity event—had been able to consistently deliver the impressive rosters of motion picture, TV, and live entertainment celebrities who suited up year after year at Dodgers Stadium for Hollywood Stars Night. Bats, Balls and Hollywood Stars includes some of the stories and backstage tales that made Hollywood Stars Night a Los Angeles Dodgers tradition for nearly 60 years. Filled with nostalgic memories captured in words and photographs, this volume brings baseball and celebrity together and commemorates a Hollywood twist to our national pastime.

Purchase your copy of this fascinating title here.

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