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Casemate IPM’s new client, Colourpoint Books, is one of Ireland’s leading publishers. They publish across a spectrum of subjects from Northern Ireland, Irish, and general interest books covering historical, social, political, biographical, and topical interests, to the long standing field of transport history and heritage.

Below you’ll find a selection of our newest titles from Colourpoint!

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Titanic: Belfast’s Own 
978190657877015th April 1912 – a date that shook the western world – the day the great ship, the Titanic, sank, over 1,500 people drowned, a catastrophe so awful and so unexpected that it continues to fascinate and haunt us today. 31st May 2011 was the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic. Thousands of people gathered in Belfast at advantage points including the top of the Albert Clock to witness the launch of ship number 401 at 13 minutes past noon. In “Titanic – Belfast’s Own”, Stephen Cameron looks at this most famous of ships from a new perspective. He tells of the conception and birth of SS 401, as she was known in the yard. Extensively illustrated, and packed with detailed information on her early days, this is the story of bringing a dream to life. So ambitious was this dream that men were to die before ever the ship was launched. But even when she had left Ulster’s shores to sail to Southampton on the first leg of her fateful voyage, the Titanic had not finished with the people of Ulster. In a gripping and heart-rending chapter Stephen Cameron writes of Ulster people who sailed with the mighty ship. For many it was to be their last journey, as the dream turned to nightmare and the glory to pain. This new, revised and updated edition is available to accompany Stephen’s new publication: Belfast Shipbuilders – A Titanic Tale
Buy it here $19.95

The Scullery
9781906578923Little has been written about Ulster-Scots cooking, traditional or contemporary. Ask an Ulster man or woman what constitutes Ulster- Scots fare and they will most likely mention the Ulster Fry or stew. Starchy bread and potatoes may be considered the staple diet of an Ulster-Scot but this is not necessarily the case, as I hope to prove! Very few recipes are invented – most are modern adaptations of traditional dishes. A trawl through historical cookery books can often reveal similar recipes with different names. In an historical sense, Ulster-Scots food is a combination of Ulster, Scottish, and English styles of cooking, a reflection of the early Scottish and English settlers during the Hamilton and Montgomery Settlement of 1606 and James VI’s Plantation of Ulster in 1610. Contemporary Ulster-Scots cooking remains flavoursome and uncomplicated, taking advantage of locally produced meat and poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables and cooking these in a variety of delicious and healthy ways. The main emphasis is on fresh, simplistic, wholesome fare.
Buy it here $24.95

Cento Anni
9781906578978Daniela Morelli takes you on a journey through one hundred years of Morelli’s Ice Cream. The story is just like the perfect ice cream recipe. It has been blended together with love, hardship, family strength and Italian passion. It begins in the idyllic village of Casalattico in Italy and continues on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. From humble beginnings in Coleraine in 1911, the Morelli family business grew through decades of hard work into the local institution it is today. Follow, through words and pictures, the twists and turns, the colorful characters, and the fascinating string of events that is the Morelli Story.
Buy it here $13.95

Rails Through the West
9781780730066This pictorial album, illustrated in color from the 1960s to the present, is a portrait of the Limerick to Sligo railway line in its Indian Summer. The color photography of Barry Carse allows the line to come to life on these pages reviving memories for the line’s users, for local people, and others with an interest in this unique and picturesque railway. Now, at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, a century after the GSWR took over the line’s operation, the Western Rail Corridor, as it is often identified, is a display of its own history. At the south end, a busy and well used passenger service operates with modern trains over well maintained track; in the middle, renewal work is under way or planned, and at the northern end all is quiet, save for the birds in the trees which grow between the rails.
Buy it here $26.95

Kith and Kin
9781780730400Author Alister McReynolds presents a collection of life stories that serves to highlight that the Scotch-Irish contribution to life in America was, and is, more valuable and less of a cliche than the images of rascality, motor sports and corn liquor suggest. The stories of these pioneers, clergy, cavalry men, presidents, and inventors show how the achievements of these characters have pervaded American society to an extent that is often unnoticed and under-appreciated even amongst the Scotch-Irish communities themselves. Alister has lectured all over the States including at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. Nearer to home he was the presenter of this year’s Ulster Scots Agency sponsored Whitelaw Reid Lecture in Belfast.
Buy it here $16.95

Bangor Then and Now
9781780730455A beautiful and original book exploring Bangor’s past through the postcards that were sent by visitors to this seaside town. This nostalgic record compares images of the old postcards with contemporary photographs of the same scenes in Bangor today taken by members of the Bangor & North Down Camera Club. A commentary on each image explores the history and changes in the town. There are also fascinating references to the messages sent with each of the original postcards, opening a window into the varied lives of those who had chosen to holiday by the sea in years gone by. Compiled by Bangorian and avid collected of postcards Adam G Bell, a must for anyone with Bangor connections and an interest in the development and social history of the town.
Buy it here $14.95

Hanged at Crumlin Road Gaol
9781780730493Seventeen men, who paid the ultimate price for their crimes on the gallows, have been lowered into the earth deep within the walls of Crumlin Road Gaol in plain wooden coffins. The first was in 1854, the last in 1961. This is the story of execution in Belfast and of the men – soldier and terrorist, labourer and tramp, American Jew and farmer – who were prepared to take a life; of the men, women and children who were their victims; and the hangmen the State paid to kill on the public’s behalf. It is a remarkable story, often sad and gruesome, occasionally quirky but always fascinating.
Buy it here $16.95

Belfast Urban Motorway
9781780730479In the heady days of 1967 the Northern Ireland government announced the construction of an elevated, three-lane motorway encircling Belfast City Center. Drivers would be able to soar over Belfast’s streets on sleek, concrete flyovers while mothers with prams chatted beneath. It would require demolition on an unprecedented scale; yet the government felt that it was necessary to prevent exponential traffic growth from choking the city. Ten years later the plan was dead, only to be resurrected in a different form. This is a story that combines many of the great themes of Belfast’s recent history – including class conflict, urban redevelopment, the ‘Troubles’, the role of the government and the public/private transport debate. As well as appealing to those with an interest in civil engineering and infrastructure, this book is also vital reading for anyone seeking to understand Belfast’s urban development, the transport system that exists today, and who seeks to influence the city’s direction in the years to come.
Buy it here $24.95

What You See Is What You Get
9781780730561Fan, musician and writer Roland Link has compiled a wealth of images of the legendary Belfast band through the 1970s and 80s. It includes many previously unseen photographs of the members on the road, on stage, in candid moments and in promotional out-takes. These are supported by a myriad of contemporary memorabilia (tour posters, tickets, passes and badges) and accompanied by comments from band members and a number of the photographers. The book also contains a Rare Vinyl Guide covering the band’s original singles and albums. “When people ask me about Stiff Little Fingers I’m going to point them towards two books; Kicking Up A Racket and What You See Is What You Get …job done.” Jim Reilly
Buy it here $16.95

Behind the Headlines
9781780730547Forthright, humorous but sometimes harrowing, the renowned journalist Alf McCreary provides a highly personal account of his life. From his birth and family ties in the village of Bessbrook in South Armagh during the 1940s, through his long, distinguished and sometimes turbulent career in the Northern Ireland media, and also abroad, he reflects on his own life experience and how it has shaped him.Despite having won two British National Press Awards and several local accolades including the title Northern Ireland Journalist of the Year; over 30 books published; Mary McAleese as a senior management colleague at Queen’s University; reported on The Troubles including Bloody Sunday, Bloody Friday, Kingsmills and Enniskillen, and from world trouble spots including Vietnam, Cambodia , Zimbabwe and Rwanda; met and interviewed everyone from Daniel O’Donnell to Peter O’Toole and George Best; and from the Reverend Ian Paisley to the Dalai Lama; appointed MBE; covered Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ireland and his funeral in Rome, reported on US President Ronald Reagan in Ballyporeen; and also counting Phil Coulter and Seamus Heaney among his Queen’s contemporaries; it is Alf’s dramatic personal story that takes center stage, and rightly so.
Buy it here $21.95

John de Courcy
9781780730691John de Courcy personified the classic image of the Anglo-Norman Knight. This tall, fair man with a strong physique and bold temperament led his men from the front and skilfully conquered a new kingdom, echoing the spirit of William the Conqueror a century before. From noble birth, but with bleak prospects of inheritance, John fought his way to the notice of King Henry II who is said to have laughingly granted him Ulster “provided he could conquer it by force”. John seized his opportunity in February 1177, leading a small band of fellow knights north from the Dublin garrison to a stunning victory against King Rory MacDunlevy at the Battle of Downpatrick. Following his success he set about establishing a new Norman lordship across Ulster, centred on his magnificent castle at Carrickfergus. His eventual demise at the hands of a devious King John brought to a close a tale of medieval adventure still surrounded by myth and legend. John de Courcy carved out his own kingdom and made himself a Prince. This is his story.
Buy it here $8.95

Ulsterbus, Citybus, and Lough Swilly Buses
9781780730714The last volume in Colourpoint’s Buses in Ulster series, Ulsterbus and Citybus, The Hesketh Years 1988–2003, was published in 2006. Then, in 2008, Irvine Millar produced his acclaimed Lough Swilly Buses. Seven years on Paul Savage has sought out an interesting selection of over 200 images of Ulsterbus, Citybus and Lough Swilly buses and coaches from the decade 2004–2014 and along with informative captions, this book brings the photographic record of those fleets bang up-to-date. Much has changed in the featured bus fleets in those ten years. In fact, on 19 April 2014, the Lough Swilly company ran its last bus services, which had served the people of Derry and north-west Donegal for over eighty years. In the Ulsterbus and Citybus fleets, the double-decker is back in significant numbers, the Bristol RE and Leyland Leopard types are but a memory, as are the blue and ivory and red and ivory liveries, and many services are now operated with low floor, easy access buses. All of this history, variety and more, is illustrated inside.
Buy it here $16.95

Death in the North Channel
9781904242017The sinking of the Princess Victoria off the coast of Northern Ireland in 1953 was the worst shipping disaster in the history of the province. One hundred and thirty-five people perished during that dreadful day of 31 January. Not a single child, nor a single woman survived. Sir Walter Smiles, the then Member of Parliament for the North Down constituency in Northern Ireland, was amongst the men who lost their lives when the Princess Victoria sank. His tragic death caused shock waves far beyond the constituency itself, where the outpouring of grief and sympathy became transformed into massive support for his daughter at the ballot-box during the ensuing by-election. So it was that Patricia Forde was returned unopposed in 1953 as MP for North Down and thus became the first woman ever to be returned to Westminster from any constituency in Northern Ireland…It is a privilege to have been invited by Stephen Cameron to write the foreword for this excellent piece of research about the Princess Victoria. This book will, I firmly believe, stand both as a fine memorial to the 135 who died and as a reminder of the terrible experience endured by the survivors. Stephen’s style is sensitive, not mawkish, thus ensuring that survivors and the many friends and relatives of those who died could read this book and find between its pages a real testimony to the courage of all those who set sail from Stranraer on that fateful morning. His detailed account of the events leading up to, during and after that day brings a fresh understanding of the reasons for the disaster and its consequences. It also brings an intimacy which enables readers to share in the poignant recounting of this terrible tragedy. Its poignancy makes the book unforgettable. – Lady Sylvia Hermon
Buy it here $19.95

Rail Runabout
9781904242642By popular request, this fourth volume in our acclaimed Irish Railway Photographers series looks at the operations and rolling stock of Northern Ireland Railways in the period 1975 to 2005. In this, his first book, Sam Somerville takes us on a trip on the Province’s rail network using his Rail Runabout ‘rambler’ ticket. We visit Londonderry, Castlerock and Portrush before heading south to the Larne and Bangor lines. The former GNR(I) Antrim branch from Lisburn is visited on our journey from Belfast to Dundalk via Portadown. For fans of NIR diesel trains this book is a must, with 60+ photographs of MEDs, MPDs, 70 class, 80 class and 450 class DEMUs all in a variety of liveries, Hunslet, Metro-Vick and General Motors locomotives and a new CAF C3K railcar. Even the odd CIE engine puts in an appearance on freight and weedkilling trains.
Buy it here $14.95


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