Editor’s Picks: DIY & Decorating Titles for House & Home

Today’s Editor’s Picks are all about decorating and domestic projects you can do at home. From making your own soaps and scrubs, to choosing the perfect color for your space, you’ll find fun ideas and exciting activities within these pages!

Soaps, Bubbles & Scrubs 
9781432302009After attending a natural product workshop during her time as an aromatherapy student, Nicole Seabrook became interested in creating her own, personalized natural products. Her mission to discontinue using chemical products in her home in favor of ‘all things natural’ proved a tough challenge at first as it was difficult to source certain ingredients in South Africa. However, as consumers become more aware of the toxic chemicals present in everyday household cleaning agents and cosmetics, and are keen to ‘go green’, these ingredients are now readily available at specialty health shops and pharmacies. Nicole also saw the need for a book on how to make these products at home in a practical, affordable, and easy way. Soaps, Bubbles & Scrubs comprises more than 100 simple, easy-to-follow recipes that Nicole has developed for use on your body and in your home. There are chapters on facial products, hair products, treatments for hands and feet, as well as products for babies and children, and for use during pregnancy. She also shows you how to make glycerin and cold-process soaps, and discusses the various essential oils and their uses. QR (quick response) codes have been included to provide links to videos on the Internet demonstrating how to make some of the products. Here are some key features:
• 100+ recipes for a wide range of products, from soaps, body scrubs, shampoos and foot soaks to wound cleansers, mouthwash, dishwashing liquids and air-fresheners.
• Only natural ingredients and essential oils are used. There are also products that can be used safely during pregnancy and for babies and children.
• QR codes will link to video clips on YouTube, with separate clips for recipes that require more detail.
Buy it here $20.95

Colors for Your Every Mood 
9781892123008America’s leading color expert shows how to choose the right color combinations for all your rooms based on Color Moods from your own personality, nature, and travel. Most decorating books start out telling readers how to achieve someone else’s notion of how a room should look.  This book is different. It helps you determine how you want yourself, your family, and your friends to feel when entering each room in your home.  It combines psychology with a practical how-to and reveals which colors and color combinations will achieve the feeling and personal style you want to project in each room.
Buy it here $10.00

9781933102719Honestly, aren’t you tired of spending your weekends poring over paint chips; trying to measure your own windows accurately; fighting shopping crowds and unhelpful, unknowledgeable sales people; putting complicated furniture together; and deliberating over which colors will make you happiest? Now imagine the fun and convenience of having your own personal interior decorator come to your home to take care of your challenging design project—with talent, creative ideas, and an incredible array of brand names you love, all to fit your taste, your style, and most importantly your budget—that’s what this book promises. Carol Donayre Bugg, a veteran interior designer who, with her husband, helped build Interiors by Decorating Den into an internationally famous interior design franchise, takes you room-by-room into the homes of people she and her fellow decorators have transformed. Full color “before and after” photographs show you what a decorator can do for you, and woven through out is Carol’s own fascinating decorator’s story illustrating how she solved her own decorating dilemmas and developed the style and grace for which she is known.
Buy it here $20.00

More Alive with Color
Alive with color MechWhat is the best thing you can do when you don’t have a thing to wear? What’s the secret ingredient that can instantly improve the way you look and feel? It’s simple – discover your personal colors! America’s color guru Leatrice Eiseman will show you how in her fun and practical new book, More Alive with Color! Here Lee will introduce you to her original, easy-to-follow “Color Clock” system – the quick way to find and use the colors that reflect your personal style and transform the way you look. Based on the colors of your eyes, hair and skin and your psyche-discover your personal range of beautiful colors in Leatrice’s “colortimes”: Sunrise with the sparkling jewel tones of dawn, Sunlight with the soft pastels and fruit shades of noon, or Sunset with the fiery hues that mellow into dusk. Then add those natural yet practical Crossover colors to expand your wardrobe without breaking your budget. Choosing clothes, hair color, and makeup has never been easier. Leatrice will show you how to pull your wardrobe together with your personal colors – which are sexy, which are powerful for interviews and such; which accessories will magnify your personal style; and which cosmetic and hair colors will make your skin glow and flatter your natural coloring. More than any other color system, More Alive with Color will give you the freedom to use color in your wardrobe with self-confidence, add trends without losing your style, plan a wedding where you are surrounded by your best colors, organize your closet and mix colors with ease; and set out for office, party, or lunch with friends knowing you look your best.
Buy it here $10.00

The Color Answer Book 
9781931868259Color is a catalyst for feelings – about how we look, decorate our home or office, plant in our garden, and relate to each other. The right colors stimulate or relax our senses, release happy memories, reflect how we feel about ourselves and about our personal space. For the past twenty-five years, color authority and best-selling author, Lee Eiseman, has spoken to thousands of consumers and professionals about the influence of color. Now she provides expert answers for all of us who want more color in our lives. For The Color Answer Book, she has selected the questions people ask her most, and broken them into the areas that most affect your life – wardrobe planning – including makeup, hair color, and accessories; decorating your home or office; your health and your garden or outdoor space.
Buy it here $15.00


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