Editor’s Picks: 4 Poetry Collections

Whether you’re already a lover of poetry, or you’re looking to try out a new style of literature, these four collections are sure to inspire, move, and captivate readers. From a book of Afrikaans poems with English translations, to an exploration of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century love poetry, this diverse list is a great way to sample different kinds of poetry.

in a burning sea
9781485301073This anthology is a collection of Afrikaans poems with their English translations from poets who are actively writing and publishing. The editor hopes it will go some way towards remedying the present lack of exposure and encourage future publications offering translations of writing also representative of the broader traditions of historical and twentieth-century Afrikaans poetry. Individuals were asked to submit up to ten poems; some offered their own translations, but for the remainder, a panel of excellent English translators were used. In each case the poet worked in close collaboration with the translator of his or her choice.
Buy it here $23.00

African Easter
9781869191238Poignant, yet accessible poetry from the winner of the Ingrid Jonker Prize, one of South Africa’s most prestigious prizes.

It’s crowded in the room.
We turn about and breathe the vapours other people breathe.
Where are you going this summer?
My feet are broken alabaster, unremarked bits of the Venus de Milo.

Buy it here $16.95

The Goose Tree
9781909718357Moyra Donaldson is one of Ireland’s leading poets. She has published five previous collections, including a Selected Poems in 2013. Her work has been hailed as ‘urbane, modern, and sophisticated…important and engaging…ambitious in its scope, and speaking with a rare authority…insightful and profoundly moving…’ Whatever the subject matter -be it anatomy, death, life, sex, or the natural world – Moyra Donaldson writes with a keen knowledge of the connection between the private and the public, the past and the present, the local and the universal.
Buy it here $22.00

The Idiom of Love
9780715628263Written in a clear and engaging style, The Idiom of Love explores the fascinating world of 16th and 17th century European love poetry – the pinnacle of this branch of literature. Poems of love need not be autobiographical; but as an expression of the purest form of emotion, they necessarily draw both from the poet’s own experience and on a lyrical canon. In this book, Judy Sproxton examines both from Petrarch’s influential imagery of irreconcilable opposites through the work of the most brilliant 16th and 17th century exponents. From Shakespeare’s withdrawal of love poetry from the public eye to Donne’s delight in the positive aspect of love between a man and a woman, The Idiom of Love provides new insights into one of the most inspiring periods in European literature for students and lovers of poetry.
Buy it here $5.00

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