Get Ready for Back to School with Beautiful Notebooks, Journals, and Planners!

Struik Inspirational Gifts and its imprint Delicious Stationary provide beautiful notebooks, journals, and planners that your kids will love. Check out a selection of our favorites, just in time for Back to School!

Struik Inspirational Gifts

Journals – $6.75 each
A beautiful journal that is as special as the words you have written inside. This journal comes in a luxurious Italian leather cover with inspiring quotes at the bottom of each page, and with gilded edges and a satin ribbon marker. Buy it as a beautiful gift or for your own use.
9781415311905    9781415311929
Bright Pink                Spring Green

Weekly Planners – $7.99 each
The beautiful weekly planner makes it easy for every member of the family to keep track of the week’s activities. Each page has been divided into 7 days, with space to write down activities. The magnets attached to the back make it ideal to stick on the fridge.
9781415321522    9781415321553
Cupcake                               Fork & Spoon

Delicious Stationary
A beautiful and fun range of stationery created especially for women. It speaks directly to a confident, stylish, fun, classy, and intelligent woman who loves beautiful things. That’s why so much attention is given to the design of this delectable range. There are also unique products designed specifically for the younger, modern, and funky lady in the making. The ranges include: Felt Journals, Large Elastic Journals, Lock-Up Dairies, Scrapbooking Albums, Recipe Journals, Small Elastic Journals, Small Hardcover Notebooks, Small Tear-Off and Tall Tear-Off Notepads and Sparkle Lock-up Diaries.

Large Elastic Closure Journals – $9.95 each
9781415313923    9781415319284    9781415319406
Woman in Lace          Country Chapel        Girl & a Suitcase

9781415321454    9781415321744
Birds                          Hearts 

Small Elastic Closure Journals – $7.95 each
9781415313954    9781415314234
Girl with Balloons    Girl in Yellow Sundress
9781415319307    9781415319314
Wood Carving         Buttons

Felt Journals – $12.95 each
9781415318881    9781415318904    9781415319123
Lady with Car           B&W Paisley Dress   B&W Umbrella

Small Hardbound Notebook – $7.95
Blue Mediterranean

Small Hardback Journals – $7.95 each
9781415321447    9781415321751
Birds                          Hearts 

To see all Struik Inspirational Gifts and Delicious Stationary products distributed by Casemate IPM, click here.

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