Editor’s Picks: Who Says Coloring Books are Just for Kids?

Struik Nature, a Penguin Random House South Africa imprint, creates fun and educational coloring books all about Africa.

You might think coloring books are just for kids, but you’d be wrong about that. While these books are fantastic for teaching children about the exotic wildlife found in Africa, they also provide a great way for adults to unwind after a long day. Coloring is relaxing and great for stress relief.

Children will enjoy hours of fun coloring in these selections of African wildlife of all kinds. There are more than 40 pictures in each book, and each picture is accompanied by an interesting caption — to help budding artists and young naturalists learn something about each animal as they work through the book. In the middle of the book is a gallery of all the wildlife in full color, providing a clear guide as to which crayons or paints to use when coloring in the outlines on the other pages. We distribute five different varieties of these fantastically fun books.

African Wildlife
Buy it here $5.50

African Mammals
Buy it here $5.50

African Reptiles & Frogs 
Buy it here $5.50

African Insects 
Buy it here $5.50

African Birds 
final cover.indd
Buy it here $5.50


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