Food Friday: Kolibri Languages & French Food

Every Friday, we at Casemate IPM bring you a delicious recipe hand-selected from one of the many cookery books we distribute. You should definitely try this at home!

This Food Friday, we’re changing things up a bit. It’s time for a French lesson!

Eating and Shopping in France and Food and French (both by Pam Bourgeois) are two handy guides from Kolibri Languages that will teach you everything you’ll need to know about food for your next French vacation. Each title contains key French terms and phrases, and short quizzes so you’ll know how much you’re really learning. Not just for people planning a trip to France, these books are also wonderful resources for anyone interested in French culture.

Today, we are so excited to share with you a few highlights from these two titles.

Eating and Shopping in France
9791091624008Book Synopsis: Everything you need to know to enable you to eat well and do your shopping in France. Discover the polite way to cut French cheeses. Learn why Marseille is associated with soap. Understand the difference between a Parisian brasserie and a bouchon in Lyon. Learn key vocabulary for talking about wine. Prepare yourself for shopping in French markets with key information. Know what to expect when you go into traditional French food shops. Kolibri Languages’ Practical Guides are written especially for Francophiles who want to understand the French way of life in depth and speak French with confidence. The Practical Guides are based on creative and effective teaching methods that highlight the need for cultural insights when learning a language. Understanding what is going on, knowing what people will say, being able to react and respond appropriately are the recipe for successful conversations and interactions with French people. Dealing with key topics including travel and daily life, Kolibri Languages’ Practical Guides will help deepen your understanding of French culture as you progress in the French language. Cultural tips, historical anecdotes, useful words and expressions, amusing idioms, quizzes, and key information will help you understand the French way of life. The enclosed audio CD will help you with pronunciation and intonation so you will feel confident when talking with French people. If you love France, you’ll enjoy finding out more about its culture, language and way of life. Whether you are a frequent visitor or travelling to France for the first time, whether you have little or very rusty French, or more confidence, these engaging books will help you prepare your trip and will be a unique souvenir when you return home.

Eating and Shopping in France contains chapters on both eating out and food shopping in France. Along with keywords and phrases, you’ll also learn interesting facts about relevant subjects, tips on how to adjust to different cultural norms, and what kind of manners are expected when dining at a French restaurant. In the first chapter, you’ll learn how to order un grand crème at a restaurant, how to find the nearest le comptoir, and how to ask a hostess if you can sit au soleil. The images below show one of the “Keywords” boxes that are found throughout the book, and examples of the beautiful pictures that accompany each section.

E&S 2
Image from page 9 of Eating and Shopping in France

E&S 1
Image from page 10 of Eating and Shopping in France

Food and French
9791091624152Book Synopsis: This unique Pocket Guide is packed with information about French food. Discover how to serve food the French way, pick up tips from French housewives and learn about favorite ingredients and culinary trends. There are amusing anecdotes about classic French recipes and their origins, and you’ll discover French dishes with literary, bizarre, and even violent associations. You’ll learn about French idioms and superstitions related to food and will gain insights into the dos and don’ts when eating in France.
Whatever your level of French, in Food and French you’ll find the words and phrases you need, including key cooking terms, the names of the courses in a French meal and how to express food preferences. There’s practical information too. Learn about French table manners, food festivals and how to eat certain food. Find help also with reading French menus and matching food and wine. Organized for easy reference with fun quizzes to help remember key points, Food and French will enable you to understand the importance of food in France, improve your French and enjoy French cuisine to the full.

Food and French contains hundreds of tips and anecdotes about French cuisine, along with the key words and phrases typically found in the Kolibri Languages books. Although it does not offer full recipes, this title contains stories of how some of the most popular French foods came to be, frequently used ingredients, and interesting facts about how French foods are served. The images below shoe two pages from the “Cooking Tales” section of the book, in which Bourgeois describes important French dishes, how they originated, and interesting anecdotes related to each dish.

F&F 2
F&F 4

The above two images come from the first section of Food and French, “Cooking Tales”
They are pages 16-17 of the book

Now that you’ve started learning about French food and culture, you can continue the lessons with the entire Kolibri Languages line of books on France distributed by Casemate IPM!

Purchase your copy of Eating and Shopping in France here $24.95
Purchase your copy of Food and French here $14.95

Are you interested in food from a certain region? Leave us a comment and you might see a recipe based on your suggestions featured in our next Food Friday article!

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