Publisher Spotlight: Business Basics from Tilde University Press

Whether you’re a business owner looking to grow your company, a professor planning a business course, or just interested in knowing more about the technical aspects of business, these five titles will get you started on the right path. Tilde University Press provides “up-to-date textbooks, casebooks, and business books based on the latest scholarly research.” The titles below have been selected as our take on the business basics that every aspiring business professional should know.

Small Business Management 
9780734610362The aim of this text is to familiarize students with the theory and practice of small business management and challenge assumptions that may be held about the way small business management can or should adopt the management practices of larger firms. Managers in large corporations and financial institutions who deal with small businesses as clients or suppliers, and professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and consultants who provide advice and other services to small businesses will also find the book of interest. Key features include: a strategic perspective of the small firm focusing on enterprise growth; a balance of theory and practice with respect to the management of small businesses; original research and case studies from Australian firms; direct experience of working small business managers.
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Negotiating at Work 
9780734608055The business environment across the globe is characterized by three primary governance arrangements – bureaucracies, markets and networks. For organizations operating within each of these business contexts, the terms of engagement in regard to negotiation are different. Rather than starting from a broad ‘how to’ approach or a specific cultural interface, Negotiating at Work looks at governance arrangements within the business environment and at how such governance arrangements impact on how negotiation occurs. It brings context to the fore of negotiating by using governance as the lens to consider the modern business context. Highlights include: introducing negotiation and the business environment; negotiation theory and application in the business environment; explanation of how to assess the business environment in preparation to negotiate; how bureaucracies, markets, and networks factor into the business environment.
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Intercultural Communications 
9780734608192The ability to communicate effectively is probably the single most important skill required in order to be successful in our professional as well as our personal lives. The rise of globalization and the rapid growth of multiculturalism in our society result in the need for us to communicate more and more with people from different cultural backgrounds either overseas or in our own country. Their background affects the way they see the world, their attitudes, values, behaviors, and thought patterns. Intercultural Communications: Learning to Work with Others will benefit those who currently interact with or are proposing to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. These people could either be in Australia or overseas and may be employees, colleagues, community members, customers, suppliers, business partners, etc. It is designed to enhance and improve the effectiveness of communication and to assist in the development of effective relationships. This, in turn, will contribute to greater levels of support, cooperation, assistance, and commitment, ultimately leading to better outcomes and greater chances of success. It is hoped that this book will lead to a greater level of cultural competence, help eliminate misunderstandings caused by misguided assumptions, and enhance the effectiveness of intercultural communication.
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Marketing and Promoting Your Business
9780734608147Marketing and Promoting Your Business, Second Edition, describes the marketing process for a small business and how to prepare a marketing plan for your operation. A separate chapter covers evaluating marketing results, including getting customer feedback, and business responses to unsatisfactory results. Exercises are located throughout each chapter. End-of-chapter quizzes, discussion items, and case studies are also included. Research assignments then help students learn more about the practical applications of marketing. A glossary of marketing terms and answers to the quick quizzes are found at the end of the book. After reading this book, you should be able to plan and implement marketing activities for your small business, create sales, and achieve a reasonable profit. You will also know how to analyze results and feedback to evaluate marketing success.
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Serving Customers 
9780734610997Serving Customers: Global Services Marketing Perspectives has been written in a critical scholarly manner at an advanced level for postgraduate students. It is an edited book, taking a global perspective and addressing global trends. It is primarily aimed at postgraduate students and service managers in Western countries such as the USA, the UK/Europe, and Australia and NZ. In Australia, services employ 72% of the country’s workers, and accounts for almost all the job growth in Australia for the past 30 years, with no sign of change. The book is organized into six sections: the history of services marketing, service design, the human aspect of services, the technology aspect of services, managing services globally, sustainable services, and the future of services marketing. One by one, the chapters look at emerging global trends in services marketing. While each chapter makes a unique theoretical contribution, separate teaching notes are also available to educators. The final chapter looks at differences in services marketing across different cultures, countries, and continents.
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