Editor’s Picks: 5 Cookbooks to Spice Up Your Summer BBQ

What better way to celebrate summer than with a barbecue? And every so often, it’s fun to change up the usual summer staples by adding a new, delicious recipe into the mix. Here are a selection of cookbooks, distributed by Casemate IPM, that will help you add some new flavors to your summer barbecue repertoire:

Summer Cooking 

9781908117045The title of this book says it all, and these recipes are anything but your basic summer foods. For Elizabeth David, summer fare meant fresh, seasonal food—recipes that could be prepared quickly and savored slowly, from Gnocchi alla Genovese (“simply an excuse for eating pesto”), to La Poule au Pot, to Gooseberry Fool. Her 1955 classic work, now reissued in a handsome, attractively priced hardback edition, includes an overview of herbs as well as chapters on impromptu cooking for holidays and picnics. Divided into chapters on Soups, Salads, Eggs, Fish, Meat, Poultry and Game, Vegetables, and Sweets, it contains recipes from all over the world. Summer Cooking is a witty, precise companion for feasting in the warmer months — every bit as unexpected and enchanting to read today as it was 50 years ago. But the purest thrill of Summer Cooking, as in all of her books, is the pleasure her food delivers and the graceful way her prose captures the reader’s delight.
Buy it here $24.95

Picnics and Other Outdoor Feasts

9781908117441Picnics reveals a world of simply prepared and delicious foods and stimulates the imagination with tales from far and near in Claudia Roden’s elegant, discursive style. It offers the conventional and the exotic: from the street food of the Middle East and Mediterranean, to the festivals of the high grassy plains of Mexico, to the English traditions of picnicking in parks, at Glyndebourne and shooting-lunches on the moors. This is a book for any season and any climate. It is a book to cook from and a book to read, and the reissue of this classic will be welcomed by all lovers of Claudia Roden’s writings. Claudia Roden is the one of the country’s leading food writers; her New Book of Middle Eastern Food is now regarded as a classic work and her Book of Jewish Food won both the Andre Simon and Glenfiddich Awards. She has won no less than 5 Glenfiddich Awards and has recently won the prestigious Prince Claus Award for achievement in culture. She lives in London.
Buy it here $29.95

European Festival Food 

9781908117434Add some European flair to your summer festivities! All over Europe, from Scotland to the Mediterranean, from Hungary to Cornwall, Elisabeth Luard has collected descriptions of traditional feasts and festivals, many of which she has experienced first hand, and hundreds of recipes for the dishes appropriate to them. As well as being a unique and wonderfully readable cookery book, Seasonal European Dishes is written with the scrupulous attention to detail and authenticity that is the hallmark of Elisabeth Luard’s cookery writing, and the recipes are peppered with hundreds of fascinating anecdotes and little known facts about local history and folklore.
Buy it here $29.95

Best Salads Ever 

9781909808331Salads are the quintessential summer food. With the fantastic choice of leaves and herbs on offer today, you now have the chance to create a wealth of delicious dishes. There are plenty of exciting ideas, combining intriguing ingredients and imaginative flavors. You may be looking for a light lunch, a refreshing side dish, or a more substantial supper – whichever it is; there are lots of ideas for delicious dishes in this handy book. Stunning color photographs fill this book, so cooks of every ability can easily follow the instructions and achieve superb results every time. Whether treating yourself to a comforting pasta salad on a winter evening, catering for a large summer buffet, or impressing your guests with some tantalizing side combinations, salads can rise to every occasion.
Buy it here $29.95

Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Gelati 

9781904943464Finally, what’s summer without ice cream? Twelve years after the publication of their previous book, the largest selling book on ices that has ever been published, Caroline and Robin Weir return with the ultimate guide to ice cream, sorbet, and gelato. Since the first publication, over a decade of research and millions of calories have gone into this new book, which has over 400 recipes covering ice creams, gelato, graniti, bombes, parfaits, instructions on making wafers, biscuits, punches, and even ice creams for diabetics and vegans. This new book, with all areas expanded and updated, is for the beginner, the enthusiast, the cook, the expert, and the professional chef. All the recipes are written in the clearest terms in Metric, cup measurements, and Imperial weights and measures. All techniques are described in the simplest terms and all your questions are covered in this comprehensive book. Not to be confused as just a cookbook, there are also new revelations on the history of ice cream as well as the origin of the ice cream cone, plus dozens of new pictures and illustrations from the authors’ constantly expanding collection. If you have never tasted homemade ice cream, you are in for a revelation. If you have the previous book you are in for many inspired new flavors. These are not ice creams loaded with junk confectionery; these are pure, unalloyed, straightforward ices, made from easily obtainable ingredients without additives.
Buy it here $49.95


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