Editor’s Picks: 4 Thrilling Mystery & Detective Series

We here at Casemate love a good mystery novel. Deception, intrigue, plot twists, even some romance; mysteries have everything a book needs to captivate readers. Below you’ll find a selection of mystery series distributed by Casemate IPM that are guaranteed to keep you guessing and provide days of thrilling entertainment!

Rose McQuinn

9780749082031 9780749079376 9780749009052 9780749012380

Alanna Knight’s Rose McQuinn series follows the daughter of a legendary detective as she embarks on mystery-solving adventures of her own.

First in the series: In a desperate attempt to recover from the loss of her husband and her baby son, Rose McQuinn has returned home to Edinburgh from the American Wild West. It seems that everything has moved on in her absence, including her beloved stepbrother who has found favor at court and moved to London. But Rose has little time to ponder her loneliness before she unwittingly steps into the shoes of her father, the legendary Detective Inspector Faro, by agreeing to investigate the strange behavior of Matthew Bolton, husband to Rose’s childhood friend Alice. Alice is convinced Matthew is having an affair but Rose suspects he may have been involved in something much more sinister – the brutal and still unsolved murder of a servant girl. If Rose continues her investigations surely she will break Alice’s heart. But she is her father’s daughter, and she cannot resist the urge to discover the truth. From her isolated home at the foot of Arthur’s Seat and aided by a wild deerhound who has befriended her, Rose starts to piece things together, until she gets too near the truth and puts her own life in danger.

Buy The Inspector’s Daughter here $16.95

Caper Court

9780749014872 9780749014971 9780749014087 9780749014728

Caro Fraser’s Caper Court series tells the tale of a group of London barristers and all the corruption, scandal, romance, and deception at the prestigious 5 Caper Court.

First in the series: Of the two pupil barristers in the prestigious chambers at 5 Caper Court, only one can win the coveted place of junior tenant at the end of the year. Penniless Anthony Cross is brilliant, but up against Edward Choke – wealthy, good-natured, not very bright, and also the head of chambers’ nephew. As if that wasn’t enough, Anthony has to cope with further complications – his ageing-hippy father, a fickle girlfriend, and a confusing relationship with charismatic fellow barrister Leo Davies.

Buy The Pupil here $16.95

Christopher Redmayne

9780749008970 9780749008031 9780749008086 9780749006389

Edward Marston’s Christopher Redmayne series follows architect Redmayne and Constable Jonathan Bale as their unconventional alliance allows them to solve a string of mysteries together.

First in the series: In a London ravaged by the Great Fire, Christopher Redmayne, an architect with Cavalier instincts, and Jonathan Bale are hardly kindred spirits. Redmayne dedicates himself to rebuilding the city that Bale believes was destroyed by its own inner corruption. The two men are thrown together when they catch thieves who are stealing from the house that Redmayne has designed for Sir Ambrose Northcott. The foul murder of Sir Ambrose joins them again, albeit reluctantly, in a complex and perilous investigation that takes them through the brothels and gaming houses of London, across to Paris, and back again to the hedonistic Court.

Buy The King’s Evil here $16.95

Monsieur Pamplemousse

9780749016166 9780749011345 9780749013011 9780749011390

For those who like their mystery served with a side of comedy, Michael Bond’s Monsieur Pamplemousse series follows restaurant inspector Monsieur Pamplemousse and his dog Pommes Frittes as they solve restaurant-related mysteries and get caught up in all kinds of shenanigans along the way.

First in the series: A culinary mystery to tease your literary taste buds. Monsieur Pamplemousse and his trusty dog, Pommes Frites are called into Le Guide’s offices early one morning and presented with a string of Leclercq’s plaintive conundrums – all relating to his mobster uncle-in-law. These include a letter about a juicy steak turned brisket, a dead restaurant owner, a giant truffle delivered by post, and the imminent arrival of the vivacious Caterina to the Gare des Lyons. All of which Pamplemousse has been called upon to help. With all these seemingly random problems at hand, Pamplemousse attempts to unravel each individual dilemma, but it quickly proves impossible as they overlap and tangle at every turn – usually making him look the fool. However, it becomes apparent that there is much more sinister going on and it doesn’t seem to relate to Capa Nostra and Uncle Caputo at all.

Buy Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Tangled Web here $29.95


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