Food Friday: The Healthy Lunchbox

Keep your eyes (and your carrots) peeled this September for Grub Street Publishing’s new edition of Fiona Beckett’s The Healthy Lunchbox! Keep reading for an exclusive recipe.

According to the Government’s nutritional standards, a child’s lunch should contain at least one portion each of fruit and veg, protein (meat or alternative), dairy products and Healthy_Lunchbox_cover_PRINTstarchy food, such as bread or pasta. But a survey by the Food Standards Agency found that nine out of ten children still take packed lunches to school that contain too much saturated fat, sugar and salt.

In her foreword to the book, Fiona Beckett points out that if you make a packed lunch for your child every day up until they leave school at 16, you have made over two thousand lunchboxes. It’s understandable that after a while your creativity (and patience) may waver! As a mother herself, Fiona understands the difficulties of creating multiple lunchboxes that are interesting, appetizing and healthy. In The Healthy Lunchbox you will find ten of her favorite lunchboxes, such as “My First Lunchbox” and the “I Don’t Want to be Different” Lunchbox. She also provides information on how to plan a week’s meals on the basis of just one or two shopping expeditions, and a table with a month’s worth of suggestions for lunchboxes.

Take a look at this exclusive recipe from the book:


Lite Lunch
This salad would fit perfectly into the “Lite Lunch”.

The logical time to make this is after a meal with rice. Just measure off enough cooked rice for the salad and dress it with rice vinegar while it’s still warm.
Serves 3
About 300g freshly cooked basmati rice, white or brown (125g uncooked weight)
2 tbsp Japanese seasoned rice vinegar (e.g. Mitsukan)
1/3 of a cucumber (about 125g), peeled, deseeded and diced
2 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced
1 stick of celery, trimmed and finely sliced (optional)
200g can of tuna in spring water, drained and flaked
1 level tbsp toasted sesame seeds* (10g)
3-4 slices of pickled ginger (about 7g), finely chopped or a little finely grated fresh ginger (optional)
2 tbsp seaweed flakes or 1 sheet roasted nori seaweed (optional)

*To toast the sesame seeds put them in a dry pan and heat over a
moderate heat for 4-5 minutes until they begin to turn pale brown,
stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
Cook the rice following the instructions on the pack. Spread the
cooked rice in a shallow dish and pour over the rice vinegar. Mix in
well and leave to cool. Add the diced cucumber, spring onions, tuna,
sesame seeds and pickled ginger and seaweed flakes if using, and
toss together. If you can only find sheets of roasted seaweed, scrunch
one up in your hands, scatter the pieces over the salad and stir them

Per average serving:
Energy 320 calories | Protein 22g | Total Fats 8g | Saturated Fats 1g | Sugars 3g | Fibre 3g | Salt 1.3g
Bonus: Low in saturated fats and a good source of protein. This recipe 
supplies Vitamin K as well as the mineral phosphorus both important for bone development.

If you decide to try this recipe for yourself, let us know via our Facebook or Twitter! If you want to follow Fiona herself to find out more about her, click here.

The book will be available on the Casemate Athena website from mid-September.

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