Family Tree Friday!

Are you a genealogy enthusiast or perhaps a family historian? Do you enjoy researching about your ancestors, or are you someone just looking to get started? Pen & Sword Books publishes a great series entitled Tracing your Ancestors that can guide you through all your research. Check out the following titles within the series to get started! They are available in both print and digital formats!

 Tracing your Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

9781844686759This accessible, well-organized, easy-to-use beginners’ guide to the world of family history is essential reading for anyone who wants to find their way into this fascinating subject. In a series of short, practical chapters Simon Fowler takes readers through all the first steps that will reveal the lives of their ancestors and the world they lived in.

Tracing your Tank Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

9781844686643 If you want to find out about the career of a soldier who served in tanks, are researching medals awarded to a tank crew member or just want to know more about a particular regiment squadron or operation, this book will point you in the right direction.

Tracing your Labour Movement Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians 

9781844686834If you want to find out about the life of an ancestor who was active in the labor movement or was a union member, this handbook will be a fascinating introduction to the subject. Mark Crail provides a graphic and authoritative account of the history of the labor movement in Britain from the early nineteenth century to the modern day.

Tracing your Criminal Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

 9781844686803Did you have a criminal in the family, an ancestor who was caught on the wrong side of the law? If you have ever had any suspicions about the illicit activities of your relatives, or are fascinated by the history of crime and punishment, this is the book for you.


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