Richard Serra at the Courtauld Gallery

Today marks the launch of The Courtauld Gallery’s special display exhibition Richard Serra: Drawings for the Courtauld.

Running until January 12, 2014, this exhibit presents twelve of Serra’s most recent drawings, created especially for The Courtauld Gallery.

In an article by The Guardian, Richard Serra’s Dark Magic Descends on the Courtauld, Jonathan Jones writes,

Serra is renowned for making austere and intimidating abstract sculptures. His walls and elliptical labyrinths of steel confront and surround awestruck audiences. But Mr Serra also likes to draw. His latest works on paper have been made for the Courtauld and they strike up a powerful if disturbing dialogue with its fine collection.

Paul Holberton Publishing has release an accompanying volume of the same name: Richard Serra: Drawings for the Courtauld.  This book explores Serra’s technique by which his Drawings for the Courtauld have been made.

9781907372643The forms that emerge are monumental: spiraling, circular or rectangular, they convey a sculptural sense of weight and balance. They also confront basic assumptions about drawing. Our perceptions of front and back, surface and depth, and most importantly the distinction between the drawn design and the material it is made from.

You can get your own copy of Richard Serra: Drawings for the Courtauld here.


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