In Every Dream Home

Launching today, the exhibit at Pitzhanger Manor Gallery and House called In Every Dream Home: Paintings by Caroline Walker has already received positive reviews.

The Masquerade, 2012 Oil on linen
The Masquerade, 2012
Oil on linen

In an article by The Daily Mirror entitled Desperate Housewives: Artist Caroline Walker’s paintings of women through the keyhole,  Martin Newman writes,

They are mundane snapshots of exotic lifestyles, the swimsuit-clad backs of wealthy women glimpsed cleaning the kitchen floor, draining the pool or sighted semi-naked in a window changing a light bulb.

The paintings of Caroline Walker offer a tantalizing taste of someone else’s more opulent life, yet their appeal lies more in the sense of alienation and abandonment they invoke…her paintings are elegant and intoxicating, and worth getting out to for a look.

The exhibit will run until September 8th.  A special gallery tour will be held on August 31st hosted by Caroline Walker and curator Matt Price at 2:00 pm.

9780957693609If you are unable to attend the exhibit or want to learn more about the artist, Anomie Publishing has released an accompanying publication entitles Caroline Walker – In Every Dream Home. This edition features fifty key paintings, oil sketches, and ink drawings alongside introductory texts, essays, and interviews by Marco Livingstone, Jane Neal, and Matt Price.  You can preorder your own copy here.

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