Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Gelati Voted Best Ice Cream Book

We’re pleased to announce that the Guardian has selected Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Gelati as the best ice-cream recipe book.

In reference to the book, Catherine Phipps writes,

“…It has a sciency bit even I can understand and apply, there’s a gorgeous, cartoon-filled history section and constant references to source material. I love the diagrams for milk shakes, float and sundaes from The Soda Fountain magazine, and the list of Escoffier’s bombe combinations encouraged me to buy a mold. As for the recipes, you can skip across continents and through the ages – there are savory cheese ice creams from the Regency period in Britain, rose flavored, chewy Middle Eastern ice creams made with mastic or sa’alab, perfumed kulfis, sorbets incorporating every kind of alcohol or fruit you can think of plus numerous vanilla and chocolate ice creams i use a bases for many of my own experiments. Truly a book full of promise!”

To read the full list of great ice cream books, read the Guardian‘s post here.


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