Antico at the Frick Collection

Starting today through July 29th, The Frick Collection in New York will be exhibiting the works of sculptor Pier Jacopo Alari de Bonacolsi, also known as Antico (the antique one).

“Antico was proficient in all manner of antique art, which he studied, restored, and re-created with unparalleled skill. His gilded and silver statuettes, made for the Gonzaga rulers at the court of Mantua, pioneered the genre of bronzes made in multiples, a type in Western art for which for which the sculptor developed groundbreaking technology” – Antico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes

So far, the exhibit has received several positive reviews. Dan Bischoff from the Star Ledger writes,

There could not be a better venue for “Antico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes” than Henry Frick’s Fifth Avenue mansion…The 39 sculptures here by Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi, better known by his nickname, Antico, are not the very first small bronzes of the Renaissance, but they are foundational pieces nonetheless and exhibit all the finest characteristics of their genre.”

If you are unable to see the collection, or have seen it and want to take it home with you, Paul Holberton Publishing has released an accompanying book entitled Antico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes.  Aside from containing 163 illustrations of Antico’s work, this volume

“provides an overview of Antico’s career and addresses topics ranging from  the chronology of his works to his understanding of the antique, his relationship with Mantuan humanism, his portraiture, aspects of his technique, and his artistic significance.”


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