Mondrian || Nicholson: In Parallel

From today until May 20th, The Courtauld Gallery will be hosting and exhibition entitled Mondrian || Nicholson: In Parallel. This exhibition explores the relationship, similarities, and differences between the two artists and their work.

Ben Nicholson, June 1937,Tate, London, © Angela Verren Taunt Mondrian, Composition in White, Red, and Blue, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, © 2012 Mondrian/Holtzman Trust

In a preview from Royal Academy of Arts Magazine, the author writes,

“Mondrian || Nicholson: In Parallel invites a comparison of Mondrian’s achievement with Nicholoson’s. Piet Mondrian was on of two artists who, in the years about 1915-20, took painting into the realm of pure geometric abstraction, in which there was no longer any apparent reference to observable reality.”

Piet Mondrian, Picture No.111, Fondation Beyeler, Riehen, Basel, © 2012 Mondrian/Holtzman Trust Ben Nicholson, Still-Life- Greek Landscape, The British Council, © Angela Verren Taunt

If you’re unable to attend the exhibition, or if you see it and want to take it home, Paul Holberton Publishing has produced an accompanying book, similarly titled Mondrian || Nicholson: In Parrallel.

“This book accompanies an exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery, London, that will be the first to offer a comprehensive account of the parallel artistic paths charted by Mondrian and Nicholson during this remarkable decade. It will bring together an extraordinary group of paintings and reliefs to show how each artist was driven by a profound belief in the potential of abstract art to attain the highest aesthetic and spiritual power.”


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