♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a few suggested reads:

1. Chocolate: The Definitive Guide (only 5 copies left!)

The secret of the uniquely, irresistibly seductive quality of chocolate, according to Sara Jayne-Stanes, is that it is the only substance to melt at blood temperature.

Another view of its attraction is indicated by the scientific name accorded it by Linnaeus: Theobroma, food of the gods. Chocolate is a loving homage to this extraordinary substance by one of Britain’s finest professional chocolate makers.

2. The Maud Allan Affair

Maud Allan, the famous exotic dancer was destroyed by the infamous libel trial brought by charismatic British Member of Parliament, and pilot, Noel Pemberton-Billing.In this wonderfully written book, Russell James charts her rise and fall from the days when she saved the 1908 London Olympics from failure to the outrageous miscarriage of justice of her trial which knocked the dark days of the First World War off the front pages of the national newspapers.

3. The Six Wives of Henry VIII

The story of Henry VIII and his six wives has passed from history into legend – taught in the cradle as a cautionary tale and remembered in adulthood as an object lesson in the dangers of marrying into royalty. The true story behind the legend, however, remains obscure to most people, whose knowledge of the affair begins and ends with the aide memoir ‘Divorced, executed, died, divorce, executed, survived’.



4.  Anne Boleyn

Although Anne Boleyn is perhaps the most engaging of Henry VIII’s Queens, but biographies usually concentrate on the period after she became a lady in waiting at Henry VIII’s court. This is the only book to tell the forgotten side of Anne early life and loves, written by the author of the best-selling Mary Boleyn: Henry VIII’s Favorite Mistress. For her he would divorce his wife of some twenty years standing, he would take on the might of the Roman Church and the Holy Roman Empire; he would even alienate his own people in order to win her favor and, eventually, her hand.




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